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000. Friend's Only

What can be bonded is not to be broken. Through all life's paths, there is one road that leads us all to the same place. No matter how far we all are, no matter how strained things can seem, a bond of friendship, love and brotherhood is something that stays. No matter the distance between the friendships.

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This Journal is friends only but I am always ready to add! If you would like me to add you, just comment here and I'll see you on the other side!

I ship love. I don't do drama. I love opinions and conversation. I expect respect for everyone on my journal.
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Lets keep this party going!

I went this morning to meet with an advisor about continuing school. I didn't really know what to expect, with what of my credits would transfer, pricing, etc, but I walked out signed up to start classes for my BSN in April! They even have a masters program that I am considering, I just have to decide if I want to end up in nurse management or go for my APRN...

I'm a little ehhh about money, they already want me to pay over $300 a month for my student loans, which just isn't going to happen with how sick my pup is. I get a discounted rate because this college has a partnership with the one that I got my RN from, so I could potentially pay for it out of pocket instead of taking back more loans, but we'll see.

My tax return could pay for the first course (since I have to have figured out my money by March 27th) but, also, Nashcon... LOL I have to decide how many photoops I want to get there. I told myself since I went to NJ in September and did gold (note to self, post my con pics!), that I didn't need to go crazy and... well, I've bought a J2, Cockles, one of each of the boys, and bought autos for the three of them, too. So, I mean, that went out the window.

Anyone else going to Nashville?!
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