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18 November 2016 @ 09:49 pm
Poisk Istiny [Finding Truth] - Epilogue  

Undisclosed Location
Playa Langosta, Costa Rica

Dean woke up curled around Cas, their bodies melded together. It was a rare occasion that they were able to sleep in since their daughter, Izzy, was always up with the sun. But last night, Aunt Jess and Uncle Sam asked Izzy to sleepover and help out with their new baby. It gave Dean and Cas the much needed rest they were craving. Two months ago, Jess had given birth to a little boy, and Izzy had immediately fallen in love with her baby cousin, Carter.

Dean yawned and debated going back to sleep, but his mate looked so damn good bathed in the sunlight. He ran his hand over Cas’s hard chest and down to where his belly had started to swell, hard and taut beneath Dean’s hand. Cas let out a soft groan, shifting beneath his Alpha's touch, and it made Dean’s cock thicken as he felt Cas’ swollen belly shifting, showing the undeniable proof that his mate was round with their second and third pup.

It had been a shock to them both, to say the least, when they found out Castiel was carrying twins. Dean can still remember going to their very first doctor's appointment and hearing the loud, strong, heart beats of not one but two pups. Dean had damn near passed out and Cas had almost broken Dean’s hand squeezing it so tight when the doctor announced they were having twins.

Dean smiled against Cas’s shoulder at the memory, pressing kisses over his mating mark.

“Mmmm.” Cas rolled over onto his back, tossing his arm over his eyes to block out the light. The covers slipped lower, revealing the full swell of Castiel's stomach to Dean’s hungry gaze. “It's too early to get up,” Cas mumbled grumpily, bringing a smile to Dean's face.

Dean slid his hand over the mound of his mate’s stomach, his fingers skating lower and lower through the patch of hair until his fingers closed around Cas’ half hard cock. Dean stroked it gently, loving the way it twitched and filled in his hand. He smirked when Cas purred and rocked up into his loose, teasing fist.

“Hmm, certain parts of you don't seem to think it's too early,” Dean teased.

Cas huffed and reached to the left of him, eyes still closed as he felt around until he found the small throw pillow he placed under his stomach when he slept on his side. He brought the pillow up covering his face with it.

Dean smirked. He wasn't above playing dirty and he knew just how to wake up his mate.

Dean pushed the covers down to the foot of the bed and maneuvered down his mate's body-- fingers, lips, and tongue singing its praise until he knelt between Cas’ spread legs. Dean eased them open, baring all of Cas to Dean’s ravenous eyes. Dean leaned down licking a stripe up Cas’ cock before going lower to mouth at his balls.

Dean glanced up at his mate to see his hands gripped onto the pillow he was still using to cover his face. Dean traced his tongue even lower, spreading his mate’s ass cheeks. Cas was still sticky and smelled of slick and come from their escapades last night and Dean bit back a groan as he delved deeper. He licked a broad stroke across Cas’ hole, feeling it quiver under the press of his tongue.

“That's cheating,” Castiel grumbled as he hit his Alpha upside the head with the pillow that had been covering his face.

Dean winked and tossed the pillow aside to the floor. “After four years, Sweetheart, you should know I don't play fair. I could stop if you really want me to...”

Cas opened his mouth to retort but a groan spilled from his lips as Dean slipped his tongue into the still pliant ring of muscle. Dean added a finger along with his tongue, coaxing out fresh slick from his husband. The Omega arched up and let out a long dirty moan as a second finger slipped in and pressed against his prostate. Castiel's cock throbbed between his legs, precum pooled on his hip from where his cock was pressed between his stomach and leg. Dean fucked him slowly with his fingers and tongue, enjoying their mingled taste.

“Tell me what you want, Cas. Anything, I will give you anything.”

Dean wanted to hear it, wanted his mate to say the words that drove him wild.

“I want you to fuck me, Alpha.” Castiel moaned as the pads of Dean's fingers slid across his prostate.

“Say it again,” Dean murmured against Castiel's thigh as he continued sliding his fingers in and out of his mate’s wet heat.

“I want you to fuck me, Dean.” The words came out in a breathless whisper, turning into a loud groan when Dean took Castiel's cock into his mouth, tonguing at the slit before swallowing it to the root. Dean groaned around his mate’s length, the press of his swollen stomach against the top of his head only serving to drive him wild as he was reminded of what their love could create. Cas’ hips rocked up into the warmth of his mate's mouth surrounding him and he gasped, “Fuck me, Dean.”

Dean twisted his fingers inside of Cas, adding a third and spreading his fingers wide, stretching Castiel for his knot. “You ready babe?” He raised to his knees between Cas’ legs, lifting his hips and placing a pillow underneath his back; his mate's comfort always came first.

“I've been ready!” Cas snarked. Dean smiled, loving how sassy his Omega was.

They had learned to get creative with positions the further along Cas got into his pregnancy, finding the best ways to make it good but also comfortable as he grew larger. Castiel's swollen stomach was now double the size of his first pregnancy, not that he would tell his mate that. At nearly eight months along, there was very little that was easy for Cas at this stage, but this position was by far his mate’s favorite. Castiel could just lie back and enjoy as his Dean fucked into him.

Cas groaned, “Yes, damnit. Fuck me now!” The last part Castiel growled out and Dean instantly knew it was an order, one he was more than happy to fulfill. He could never deny his mate anything he wanted, especially now.

Dean slicked up his cock and gently pushed into his mate, bottoming out in one fluid movement. Dean rocked his hips once he was flush against his mate's ass, the head of his cock pressing against Castiel's prostate. His husband grunted softly and arched his back, driving Dean deeper.

Castiel writhed on the bed under his mate as loving words spilled from Dean’s lips praising his mate, telling him how beautiful he is, all swollen with pups, while he rocked in and out of him. Dean could feel his orgasm building, the tight, wet heat of his mate better than anything else in the world. It wouldn’t take much longer for either of them.

Dean gyrated his hips, slowing his motions as he rocked in deeper before pulling out to the tip of his cock. Castiel groaned, his hands moving to his sides to grip the sheets as Dean pushed back in. The need to please his mate took over everything else, and Dean couldn’t hold back any longer. He snapped his hips forward, slow and hard, as Castiel gasped for ‘more’ beneath him. Dean plunged in and out, his knot starting to swell and catch on Cas’ rim on each pass.

Castiel groaned as Dean reached between them and wrapped his hand around his mate’s heated flesh. No sooner had he wrapped his long fingers around Cas’ hard cock that the Omega cried out, painting his stomach in thick white stripes. Dean’s eyes rolled back into his head at the clench of his mate’s inner muscles around his knot, causing it to swell to completion and spill deep inside of Castiel.

Dean carefully positioned them on their sides and pulled Cas close, nuzzling his neck and breathing in their mated scent along with the smell of sex and arousal that hung heavy in their room. Dean wrapped his arm around Cas and rubbed his mate's belly feeling kicks and nudges where his pups were.

“It’s still too damn early,” Cas groused around a yawn.

“Would you like to sleep some more?” Dean grinned as he felt a soft kick against his palm.

“Yes. If your pups will let me.” Cas’ body relaxed against him and his eyes fluttered shut. Dean smiled and ran his fingers back through his mate’s hair.

“Sleep, I will wake you once my knot goes down and we will have a quick breakfast before we join the others on the beach.”

Castiel hummed something against his chest and Dean smiled as he let his own eyes close, breathing in his mate as he waited for his knot to die down.

When he was able to slip free, Dean carefully eased out of the bed, not wanting to wake Castiel. He quietly made his way into the master bathroom, wetting a washcloth before returning to Cas. He sat down on the bed and ran the warm washcloth over Cas’ stomach and between his legs, cleaning the come and slick from his skin.

Castiel yawned, reaching up to scrub his hands down his face before opening his bleary eyes. Dean smiled down at him. “Hey sleepyhead, come on. Let's eat breakfast and join the others.”

Dean held out his hand, helping Castiel sit up. The Omega groaned as he stood. Dean watched as Cas stretched popping his back before grimacing and placing both hands on his stomach. Dean smiled as he bent down, placing his hands and face against Cas’ belly.

“Are Daddy’s boys kicking Papa again, hmm?” Dean cooed, placing a few kisses to Cas’ stomach and rubbed soothing circles before standing back up and kissing his mate on the cheek.

“They are always kicking, Dean,” Cas grumbled good-naturedly. “Next month can't come quick enough. I'm ready for this pregnancy to be over.” He stretched again to work out too sore back muscles. “Alexander and Adrian have been much more active than Izabella ever was,” Castiel groused as Dean took his mate's hand and led him from the master bedroom to the kitchen.

Dean let out a short laugh, “Well, I’d say so Cas! There are two of them in there this time around. Two rowdy boys.” Dean helped Castiel sit down at the bar in the kitchen and he smiled at his mate. “But for the record? You bitched almost as much during your last month of pregnancy with Izzy.”

Castiel swatted at Dean’s shoulder as he dodged out of the way, heading over to the refrigerator.

“I did not,” Cas pouted as he rubbed his belly.

“You so did,” Dean chuckled softly, “but you gave me a beautiful daughter so I didn't mind. Just like you are going to give me two beautiful sons.” Dean smiled at his mate as he placed a pack of bacon on the counter. “How does chocolate chip pancakes and bacon sound?”

“Sounds great,” Cas sat up excitedly. “But can I have strawberry syrup and whipped cream on my pancakes?”

Dean chuckled and rolled his eyes at his mate. “Of course you can. I wouldn’t dream of serving you anything else!”

After Dean finished cooking they ate out on the terrace enjoying the view of the white sandy beach of Playa Langosta. In the distance they could hear the laughter of their daughter letting them know that the others were already down on the beach.

Four years ago, they’d made the decision to move to Costa Rica. They had spent a week at the hunting cabin with Sam and Jess, scouring the internet for possible places, but as soon as they found The Diamonds gated community in Playa Langosta? All four of them were impressed by the beautiful beachfront properties and immediately started looking at the houses for sale.

Dean and Castiel fell in love with the very last house on the property; a Spanish revival architecture, four bedroom home, with a separate guest house and everything decorated in tropical decor with beautiful surroundings and ocean views. And as luck would have it the house next to it was also for sale, and Sam and Jess thought it was perfect.

The location was more than ideal-- on the beach, within an exclusive community of luxury homes, each home had a private section of beach mere steps from their back terrace. And only minutes from the dining, shopping and anything else they could need in Tamarindo.

They made offers on the houses that very day. With the help of Sam’s computer guy, Dr. Badass, Castiel closed out all of the offshore accounts the Bratva owned--which equaled around ten million dollars in all-- and transferred the money to one joint account with his and Dean’s name. He helped Sam and Dean close out all their current accounts--which had similar amounts-- before he made it look like no accounts had ever existed.

Dean moved his personal funds into a joint account for him and Cas. Sam’s money went to an account for him and Jess. The computer genius also set Dean, Sam, and Cas up with new social security cards and new identities. They wanted to keep their names, but all three knew it was dangerous, knew they’d be too easy to find.

Dean and Sam settled on using their grandmother Deanna’s maiden name, Moretti, so they could still have a family name. Privately they’d be Dean and Sam, but publicly, they’d be John and Tony. Jessica settled on her middle name and was Lee Moretti.

Castiel was firm that he no longer wanted to be a Krushnic or in anyway related to the Family. He told Dean that he wanted to be a Winchester, a Moretti, and with a few clicks from the Dr. Badass’ keyboard, he got his wish, and would publicly be known as Dmitri Moretti.

By the end of the week their offers were accepted and they were boarding a plane to Costa Rica to finalize the sales.

Two weeks after arriving on the tropical island they would now call home, a deposit of one million dollars was made in both Sam’s and Dean’s account. When Dean contacted Dr. Badass to see what the hell was going on, he had the following message to give Dean: ‘Dean, for you, Castiel, and your little one and for Sam and Jess to start their family. Take care Brotha, Benny.’

Dean collected their plates after breakfast and placed them in the dishwasher before he met Cas back out on the terrace so they could walk down to the beach to join their family. “We better save everyone from Izzy,” Dean teased.

Castiel laughed and kicked off his shoes at the gate that lead out to the beach, Dean following suit. Castiel smiled at Dean. “I guess you're right, I did enjoy having you to myself last night though.”

Dean took Castiel’s hand, his thumb rubbing circles on the back of it. “Me too, babe.”

Dean's eyes scanned their private beach area. Jess was sitting on a large beach towel under an umbrella feeding Carter. He heard Izzy’s loud giggles and Dean looked towards the shore line to see their beautiful three year old baby girl in her favorite Hello Kitty swimsuit. Her light brown hair was pulled into pigtails, her bright blue eyes shone like the ocean just like her papa’s, and Dean could swear he could see the spatter of freckles that she got from him adorning her nose and cheeks from where they stood. She was smiling and clapping as she watched Sam and Gabriel building a sandcastle.

During their sixth month of living there, and Cas’ seventh month of pregnancy, Gabriel was finally able to join them. Having more time to plan, and with Ash to help him disappear, he chose Dylan Kali, dlya Kali, as his name. When he told Castiel, the Omega knew why his brother chose what he had. For Kali, a rough translation, but the push Gabriel needed to continue moving forward with his life, despite losing everything that had once been important to him.

He had completed his therapy and against all odds-- plus being the most stubborn motherfucker Dean had ever known-- he was able to walk again. He had a slight limp on his right side, and whenever it stormed they all knew it, but he only needed to use his cane if he was walking long distances. Gabriel moved into the guest house on Dean and Castiel's property when he arrived in Costa Rica. Castiel loved having him close and though Dean was loath to admit it, so did he. Surprisingly, his brother-in-law had really grown on him. Plus, after Izzy was born, she immediately had him wrapped around her little finger.

During the first six months of Izzy’s life, she had colic and slept very little. More than once Gabriel had been a Godsend to the new parents. He would take Izzy out to the guest house with him often, giving Castiel and Dean the opportunity to get some much needed sleep.

And during their second year in Playa Langosta, Gabriel had fallen for a local beautiful Omega woman named Amber who just happened to live next door to Sam and Jess. She and Gabriel had been dating for the past two years. He recently told Dean and Castiel of their plans to mate and for him to move in with her. That night when Dean and Castiel were alone in their room, Castiel had told Dean that Kali would have approved of her and that he was glad his brother found happiness again.

As Dean and Castiel walked over to Jess, she smiled at them and gave them a salacious smirk as she asked, “Hey boys! Did you enjoy last night all to yourselves?”

“A gentleman never kisses and tells Jessica,” Dean replied as he crouched down to play with his nephew’s little feet.

“And since when are you a gentleman, Dean Winchester?” Castiel and Jessica said at the time. Dean glared at them both and ignored the comment, focusing on his nephew instead.

“Your mommy and Uncle Cas think they’re comedians, don’t they?” Carter kicked his feet in Dean’s hand, a small laugh bubbling from him as Dean ticked him and he squirmed in his mother’s arms.

“How was Izzy last night?” Castiel asked as Dean stood back up and wrapped his arm around his mate.

Jess smiled. “She was a perfect little angel. It was really nice having another girl in the house, it evened the odds.”

Dean laughed. “Well, feel free to take her any time you want. Especially when the twins come. If they are anything like Izzy was? I see no sleep for us in the foreseeable future.”

Jess placed Carter on her shoulder to burp him. “Well you know you’ve always got me and Sam, Gabriel and Ambriel if you guys ever need a break.”

Castiel gave her a warm smile. “Thank you, Jessica, I'm sure we will take you guys up on it.”

“That's what family is for.”

Dean’s eyes drifted back over to his daughter who was now roaring and stomping the sand castle that her uncles had built, both Gabriel and Sam were laughing and roaring with her in encouragement.

Dean thought back to how hard carrying her had been on Cas. He’d been ill throughout the entire pregnancy and their doctor told them it was due to the fact Castiel had been on the strongest suppressants for all those years. He’d never allowed himself to have a heat up until the one when he became pregnant with Izzy. Dean remembered the doctor telling them that after she was born, Castiel would not be able to have any more pups, it was already a miracle that he had been able to get pregnant at all.

It hurt Dean knowing they wouldn't be able to have more. Hell, they had already talked about it, had even planned on more pups during Cas’ pregnancy, and even though Cas acted stoic... Dean knew he was hurting too.

Having Izzy lessened the pain-- they were so goddamn glad to have her. Their little miracle pup.

To say the least, it had been a total shock seven months ago when Dean woke up in the middle of the night and wrapped around Cas, burying his nose in the crook of Cas’ neck and breathing in deep, to catch the faint scent of vanilla. He instantly woke Cas up shouting and pointing about smelling vanilla. The next day they went to the doctor and sure enough Cas was pregnant again. Dean’s not ashamed to admit he cried when they got the good news.

Dean was brought out of his musings when little arms wrapped around his legs. “Daddy, Papa, Vy videli moyu Sandkasl? Vy videli menya eto shag kak monstr?

Dean laughed at how excited she was over smashing her castle and he got down on one knee in front of his daughter. “Da devochka, ya uvidel svoy dovol'no Sandkasl. I ty byl takoy sil'nyy monstr toptat' yego,” he praised and got a toothy grin as a reward.

Dean stood back up and Izzy wrapped her arms around Cas belly kissing it. “Privet brat'ya rebenka, vyyti i igrat'

Castiel smiled down at her and ran his hand across her cheek. “Vskore devochka, v blizhaysheye vremya.” and Dean smiled at his mate. Castiel, he knew, felt exactly the same. He was ready for the boys to be able to ‘come out and play’, too.

Izzy gave a small pout before she turned and faced Dean. “Up, Daddy.”

Dean picked her up and she gave Dean a kiss on the cheek before leaning over and giving Cas a kiss, too. Sam smiled at them and reached down to take Carter from his mate’s arms.

“Do you want to go for a walk on the shore, get your feet wet?”

Jess stood up and kicked off her sandals and wrapped her arm around Sam’s waist. “Lead the way.”

Izzy squirmed out of Dean’s grip, sliding down the length of his body before she ran over to Gabriel and grabbed his hand. She looked over her shoulder at her parents and called, “YA sobirayus' idti okhotit'sya s rakoviny dyadey Gabe. Byt' pozzhe Daddy, Papa!”

Castiel laughed. “Prinyat' yego legko na vash dyadya, Gabe zaznoboy!” He hoped his daughter would in fact take it easy on her uncle.

Dean grinned as his baby girl dragged Gabe down the beach and called out, “You find lots of pretty shells, Veselo Devochka!”

Castiel smiled at Dean. “You know... you have gotten really good speaking and understanding Russian.”

Dean helped Cas sit down on the beach towel under the large umbrella before he got down beside him, leaning over to huff a small laugh into his shoulder. “Well, I would hope so after four years. And of course I had an awesome teacher.”

He rested his chin on Cas shoulder. He watched as Sam and Jess walked down the beach with Carter sleeping in his brother’s arms. He watched his daughter hand Gabriel a shell the size of her hand, gesturing at it like it was a great find.

Castiel sighed and leaned back against Dean. He felt Dean wrap his arms around him, his hands rubbing circles on Castiel’s belly. He kissed the mating mark he had put on Cas over four years ago before he whispered in his ear, “Ya lyublyu tebya.”

Castiel turned his head and caught his mate's lips, kissing him gently. He smiled against Dean’s lips as he whispered back, “I love you too”

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