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17 December 2016 @ 05:00 pm
Wireless Connection - Chapter Two  

I am going insane. I should not have taken even a day off from studying. It’s almost JULY. I passed the first year but I sure as hell won’t pass the next semester!
9:53 PM

Are you having a meltdown at almost midnight over school?
9:55 PM

It’s almost 10 here, not midnight. But, yes.
9:56 PM

I stand corrected :)
9:57 PM

What brought this on?
9:57 PM

Nothing… Just, trying to study a bit, and I feel like I’ve forgotten everything, and I’m probably bugging you so I’m just going to return to these books and try to pretend I know something about anything nursing related.
9:58 PM

You’re not bothering me, I promise. Now, what are you trying to study? Remember, skills come back much easier in a clinical setting than they do when you’re sitting on your butt at home. You DO know this. And the stuff that you don’t? You will learn. Don’t put yourself down.
10:00 PM

I’m going over some of my med cards from last semester and I just… I feel like I’m never going to remember any of this. I was taking some ATI tests (not sure if you used that with your school? It’s an online system that helps with skills, studying and testing) and I was not hitting the mark on like half of them.
10:02 PM

Were they ATI tests you had taken last semester? Meds are difficult to remember. But remember, when you’re in a clinical setting you will have a MAR and access to Lexicomp, and there will be meds that are used often on your floor that you will know like the back of your hand. School isn’t realistic in that regard, I know, but trust your instincts.
10:03 PM

Well… no. I was looking at some modules for next semester.
10:04 PM

So you’re upset that you don’t know material you haven’t learned yet?
10:05 PM

God, I don’t miss nursing school at all. You drive yourself freaking crazy.
10:05 PM

I should be able to figure out most of it!
10:06 PM

What you should be focusing on through the summer is your basic nursing skills, things that will carry you through. Even simple things—setting up IVs, piggy backing, common meds like anticoagulants, broad spectrum antibiotics, pain medications – narcotic and non-narcotic—and things like assessments and vitals. Everyone has the same systems, learn those. Study those. The rest will follow.
10:08 PM

You sound so confident…
10:09 PM

I am. I think I said before I’ve worked rehab and cardiac? Those are the things that are the same in both, they’re the same in maternity, in geriatrics, in med surge, in surgical. Those are the fundamentals and the things you shouldn’t be rusty on. While you’re in your specific clinical setting, you’ll get the specific meds and procedures down. But don’t stress prematurely!
10:10 PM

I checked out your YouTube channel, actually. Your assessment video series are actually really good and helpful. I don’t know how I feel about that song though… whoever you got to sing it has a really good voice though.
10:12 PM

Thanks! And thank you… My sister wrote the words, she’s a psych nurse, actually. And I don’t know how she convinced me to actually sing it…
10:12 PM

That was YOU?
10:13 PM

What the hell are you doing being a nurse? You should go on Idol or something…
10:14 PM

Oh man, I have a hard time getting up in front of a group of people and talking, never mind singing to them.
10:14 PM

Do you have to talk in front of people often for your job?
10:15 PM

Yes, actually. I love what I do, but that’s probably the worst… I do the whole ‘picture everyone in their underwear’ bit so that I can feel a bit better. Once I get started, I’m good. It’s the initial moment of everyone staring at you, being the center of attention, that makes me want to choke.
10:16 PM

Wow… I don’t know if I would want to picture a room of people in their underwear. How on Earth does that make you feel better?
10:17 PM

I think it just gets my mind off the fact that I’m supposed to be talking. I have no idea why it works. It just does!
10:18 PM

Huh. Well, at least it works for you!
10:19 PM

You think I’m crazy now, don’t you?
10:20 PM

You play video games with Chad. I already thought you were crazy.
10:21 PM

Hah! True. But, seeing as I’ve heard you’ve never actually played with him, you aren’t allowed to pass judgement.
10:22 PM

He confided in me that he’s bringing his system this semester and he’s going to make you play Far Cry.
10:23 PM

I wonder if it’s too late to request a room change…
10:24 PM

Omg. You wouldn’t!!!
10:25 PM

10:25 PM

No, I wouldn’t. He’s stuck with me, whether I like it or not.
10:26 PM

I’m sure even when he’s a pain in the ass, he’s a good friend. He seems that way anyways.
10:27 PM

Yeah, he is.
10:27 PM

Just don’t tell him I said so.
10:28 PM

My lips are sealed. Or, you know, my fingers.
10:29 PM

LOL thanks.
10:29 PM

Jared leaned back in his computer chair and stretched his arms above his head, groaning as his spine cracked and popped. He supposed he had been in the same hunched-over position for the last four hours… Maybe Jackles was right. He snorted as he realized he’d actually spent the past four hours trying to learn completely new material.

Sighing, Jared clicked onto the ATI website and pulled up some of the skill modules from last semester. He would do one, maybe two, modules and then head to bed.

He clicked into the first pharmacology pre-test and sat forward, blinking at the sudden white of the screen -- quite the contrast from the dark background of his twitter screen-- and then got to work.

Any luck?
11:21 PM

I’m guessing yes? Or maybe you gave up and went to bed.
11:59 PM

I am sending you relaxing, stress-relieving vibes!!! Hope you’re sleeping well.
12:46 AM

Holy crap. Time flies when you’re doing fifteen pharmacology modules.
1:12 AM

And I am only saying this to you because you’re not Chad… You were right. A lot of stuff was coming back to me when I was doing the pre-tests and then, the things that weren’t, came after I read the rationales. Seriously, ATI is a godsend.
1:14 AM

See?! And yes, ATI pretty much got me through my courses and through the NCLEX.
1:16 AM

God, don’t even mention that to me. I can’t even think about it yet.
1:17 AM

Mention what? Huh? Don’t know what you’re talking about. I wasn’t saying anything! I was just asking how the weather was.
1:18 AM

At… one in the morning
1:20 AM

Good :)
1:21 AM

And it’s still hot as balls outside.
1:22 AM

Sometimes, I wonder. And then you make comments like that and I realize you and Chad really are friends.
1:23 AM

Thanks for the visual LOL
1:24 AM

Oh, you’re welcome. And if it was Chad? He would’ve said hot as leg-plastering sweaty balls.
1:26 AM

1:27 AM

Jesus Christ.
1:28 AM

You’re so right. He would. Now, I am heading to bed. I have an interview for a new job position tomorrow that requires me to be up at a somewhat reasonable hour.
1:30 AM

Sound so formal. Alright Jackles, sleep well and good luck on your interview!
1:31 AM

Jackles @profjackles · 30m

Who blew away the competition in his interview? #thisguy

Jared smiled as he opened up his Twitter feed and saw the tweet at the top.

Jared P. @mooseRN · now

Good job @profjackles! Hope you weren’t too sleep deprived, though I suppose it doesn’t matter!

Jared pocketed his phone and moved into the house, dropping his messenger bag on one of the stools in the kitchen as he passed through. The
house itself was silent, save for the soft humming from the central air. There was a note on the center of the counter from his mom.

Jay-- Dad and I are taking Megan shopping for her new dorm! Text or call Dad if there’s anything you or Chad need for your room. Jeff’s coming for dinner so don’t spoil your appetite. ♥ Mom

Jared let the note fall back onto the counter and moved over to the fridge. He grabbed an apple from the crisper and a Sprite before making his way upstairs. He’d spent most of the morning at the San Antonio library working on the remaining pharmacology and nurse logic modules and he was dying to do anything un-nursing related.

Three weeks. That was all that was left before summer vacation was officially over and he would be back to the daily grind. He scrubbed a hand over his face as he took to the stairs, two at a time, and pushed his bedroom door open with his foot.

For someone who had been dreading and putting off packing when he’d first come home, Jared’s room was a mess. He chuckled as he shoved a pile of laundry off the end of his bed, promising himself he would check it before he went to sleep to see if it was clean or dirty, and scooted up to sit against the headboard.

He pulled his laptop over from where it was resting on the top of his nightstand and opened up the screen with one hand as he took a giant bite of his apple with the other. He checked his email, then his student email—because, honestly, nursing couldn’t just stop no matter how much he wanted it to-- before opening up Facebook and Twitter in two respective tabs.

He scrolled through his Facebook feed first, shaking his head as it was plastered with pictures of Chad partying and photobombing what seriously looked like everyone in whatever club he was in. He rolled his eyes. Although Durham, New Hampshire had its fair share of places to party, Chad home in the city put him right back into his element.

He changed tabs and scanned his Twitter feed.

Chadmeister @ChaddasaurusRex · 11h

‪Spent the night partying w some awesome peeps! When I got 3 #s from dudes I realized it was more @mooseRN scene, not mine. #greatboozetho

Jared almost choked on his Sprite as he pictured Chad’s face when he realized he was in a gay bar. He went to click the arrow to reply when he saw Jackles had already done so.

Jackles @profjackles · 8h

@ChaddasaurusRex @mooseRN it took you an entire night to realize you were in the wrong bar? You must mean GREAT booze.

Chadmeister @ChaddasaurusRex · 8h

@profjackles @mooseRN 2b fair? The 1st # was given 2 me by a man w a glitter bra.

Jackles @profjackles · 8h

@ChaddasaurusRex so you're saying that @mooseRN type of scene includes men in glitter bras?

Chadmeister @ChaddasaurusRex · 8h

@profjackles @mooseRN dude, if the tit fits, suck it.

“Jesus Christ, Chad…” Jared muttered under his breath and looked at the top of his screen to the small red icon showing him he had a message.

So… You have a thing for glitter bras?
3:46 AM

No judgement here. I mean, as long as it's not pink glitter. That would be too clichéd.
7:35 AM

Please tell me I didn't offend you?
9:58 AM

No, you didn't offend me. I’m friends with Chad, remember?
3:45 PM

And no, I don't have a fondness for glitter bras. I’m just your stereotypical gay male nurse!
3:46 PM

Oh, well, I resemble that statement.
3:46 PM

No secret fondness for glitter bras I should be aware of? Sounds like Chad could hook you up…
3:47 PM

No, I prefer my men without bras, or without clothing period if I were to be completely honest.
3:48 PM

I can not believe I just typed that.
3:48 PM

LOL! What good are online friends for if you can't blurt out exactly what's on your mind? Hahaha
3:49 PM

That is very true.
3:50 PM

So what's your type? Tall, dark, and handsome or blonde, ken doll?
3:51 PM

Lmao those are my only options?
3:52 PM

It sounds like YOU would fit right into Chad’s club scene…
3:53 PM

Haha. No, I am definitely too old for the night club scene.
3:55 PM

Well you DO have a profile picture of a cat… #crazycatman
3:56 PM

Is that even a thing?
3:56 PM

I would have to have multiple cats in order to be considered “crazy”. As it stands, I only have one, so I'm just awesome.
3:57 PM

You're lucky she's a cute cat or else I would have to press the issue.
3:58 PM

My cat is better than yours.
4:00 PM

Lol I don't have a cat.
4:00 PM

That's why she's better!!
4:01 PM

How did we get to talking about crossdressing men to cats?
4:02 PM

There is an answer of how they correlate but it's inappropriate and probably something Chad would say.
4:03 PM

Hahahaha man, you know Chad so well.
4:04 PM

He's quite the character.
4:05 PM

But I definitely see why you keep him around.
4:06 PM

He’s the best… Just don't tell him that.
4:07 PM

Totally took a screenshot for blackmail.
4:07 PM

You wound me. I thought we were friends!!
4:08 PM

Even friends need to be prepared!!
4:09 PM

I have finally realized what “profjackles” stands for.
4:09 PM

Professional jackass.
4:10 PM

Would you be shocked to know you're not the first person to say that?
4:11 PM

Did you screenshot their Twitter conversations for blackmail too?
4:12 PM

Of course not! You're special.
4:12 PM

It was Facebook.
4:13 PM

You're just as bad as Chad!!!!
4:14 PM

Yeah, but I'm probably much better looking than Chad.
4:15 PM

Well, your cats cuter than the T-Rex he has…
4:16 PM

Well, there you go. The internet never lies.
4:18 PM

No, not ever.
4:19 PM

My brother just got here… Have to go be social since I don't get to see him much.
4:20 PM

Alright! Enjoy spending time with your family! I'll talk to you later :)
4:21 PM

4:22 PM

Chad [4:15pm]: So how much booze will Meggie’s b able 2 fit 4 us?

Jared [4:16pm]: Please tell me you’re joking.

Chad [4:17pm]: Dude! U know they will check our room 4 it after last semester. Meggie is new, innocent, perfect 2 hide the goods.

Jared [4:19pm]: Chad, we are not setting my sister up by loading her down with your personal mini bar! One? I would like my sister to not worry about anything being in her room and enjoy her first semester of college and two? My mother would kill us BOTH.

Chad [4:20pm]: Party pooper.

Chad [4:21pm]: 2 ur 1st point? She would greatly enjoy the semester w/ some booze.

Jared [4:23pm]: Ask your own sister.

Chad [4:24pm]: Ok brother. I will.

Jared [4:25pm]: Seriously Chad. If you text Megan? I will have to kill you when I see you.


Jared [4:30pm]: I am going to kill you.

Chad [4:31pm]: I plead the 5th

Jared [4:32pm]: Please tell me you didn’t ask her.

Chad [4:36pm]: Tequila or Vodka?

Jared [4:37pm]: I hate you.

Do you have a boyfriend?
2:30 AM

Jared stared at the too bright screen of his phone and asked himself for the third time since he hit send less than a minute ago, why the hell he asked that question.

It wasn’t like it mattered. Jackles was an awesome online friend, one that Jared had come to rely on for moral support over the summer, but his sexual orientation had merely been a coincidence! Another thing for them to connect over! It didn’t change their friendship at all.

Not that his rationalization explained why Jared’s heart was pounding as he stared down at the screen in his hand. He shouldn’t have let Jeff convince him to take that last shot… He hoped that Jackles wouldn’t be weirded out or offended by Jared asking, and if so, he could blame it on his intoxication and in turn, his brother.

He tapped on the screen, waking it back up from its sleep mode, and wondered if he should try to do some damage control before Jackles got a chance to be freaked out or to answer. Just as Jared hit the text box and the keyboard popped up, so did Jackles’ response.

No, actually. I don’t.
2:40 AM

Do you?
2:41 AM

No, not right now anyways. I had one at the start of last semester but… things didn’t work out.
2:43 AM

Ah. Well, I’m sorry to hear that… Unless, of course, you wanted it to end? And in that case, you totally deserve better.
2:44 AM

2:44 AM

Thank you for your support! No, it was definitely my choice but breakups are never easy.
2:45 AM

Don’t I know that one…
2:46 AM

Kind of glad I’m currently single, if I were to be honest.
2:47 AM

Oh yeah?
2:48 AM

2:49 AM

I have to head to bed but…
2:50 AM

I really enjoy talking to you. Even if you are a moose.
2:51 AM

I really like talking to you too. Sleep well.
2:52 AM

You, too, Jared.
2:53 AM

Jared stared at his screen, his heart pounding even faster than it had been minutes before they’d started talking. He felt warm, all over, and as he plugged in his phone and crawled beneath the covers of his bed with a smile on his face, he realized two things

The first was that he had a crush on Jackles. He had no clue when it had actually happened… He didn’t know what the guy looked like, could only guess on his age, and –going along with his second realization—he didn’t know his real name.

As Jared closed his eyes and the light from his phone faded to black, he told himself that he would ask Jackles in the morning.

Jared [8:42am]: So… can you do me a strange but important favor?

Chad [8:44am]: 4 wking me up @ this time it have 2 do w u get laid or ill b 4ced 2 kill u

Jared [8:45am]: You’re even more eloquent than usual this early in the morning. I missed that about you…

Chad [8:45am]: Power down in 3…2…

Jared [8:46am]: Okay, okay!

Jared [8:47am]: I need you to ask Jackles something for me.

Jared [8:48am]: You’re kind of up in everyone’s business and don’t give a shit about personal space. Can you ask him what his name is for me?

Chad [8:52am]: What

Jared [8:52am]: Scroll up, reread, and say yes.

Chad [8:53am]: U no we play online 2gether?

Jared [8:54am]: Yes…? So, you know him better! All the more reason for you to ask him what his real name is.

Chad [8:55am]: already no it.

Jared [8:56am]: You do?! What is it?!

Chad [8:56]: Congratz. U officially woke me up. I will tell u on 1 condition

Jared [8:57am]: You cannot ask Megan to sneak in booze for you. I won’t budge on that, no matter what.

Chad [8:57am]: Fuck u! not everything is about booze.

Chad [8:58am]: Pussy is just as important, if not more, than booze.

Chad [8:58am]: Which brings me 2 our friend jaaaaaackles.

Jared [8:59am]: I have no idea how ‘pussy’ relates to Jackles in any way, so please, enlighten me.

Chad [9:02am]: It’s a very important question im gonna ask n u n I both no if ur not honest. Do u want jackles ass pussy? Not judging, u no me, but I need 2 no.

Jared [9:03am]: Dude. What the hell kind of question is that?

Chad [9:03am]: the kind that gets u the answer ur lookin 4.

Jared [9:04am]: I don’t even know what Jackles looks like. He could be as hideous as you!

Chad [9:05am]: Looks aren’t everything.

Jared [9:05am]: Wow.

Jared [9:07am]: I can’t even believe you just said that. YOU, of all people, saying looks don’t matter? I just… I need another moment to process that. What the hell happened to you this summer? What average looking girl has stolen your heart? What the hell are you not telling me?!

Chad [9:08am]: Nothing. Just speakin the truth. Do u want 2 talk about me or do u want 2 talk about ur man?

Jared [9:09am]: What makes you think I like him?

Chad [9:15am]: U talk 2 him daily, u don’t even talk 2 me daily. He tells me u guys talk on dm a lot n have some good conversations n stuff. U have him join us in like most of the convos we have on twitland n u bring him up all the time. Meggie says u talk bout him a lot 2. But the biggest thing that tells me u like him is that if u didn’t u would ask his name urself.

Jared [9:16am]: That’s not true, I talk to you without bringing him up.

Chad [9:17am]: do u want jackles ass

Jared [9:17am]: Do you have to be so crude all the time?

Jared [9:25am]: Fine.

Jared [9:25am]: Yeah, I think I do like him. Are you happy this middle-school bullshit has gotten me to admit my crush?!

Chad [9:26am]: Yeah actually

Jared [9:26am]: So? What’s his name?

Chad [9:27am]: unfortunately u answere incorrectly n I cant tell u

Jared [9:27am]: What?!

Jared [9:28am]: What do you mean I answered incorrectly?! I told you!

Chad [9:29am]: incorrectly. If u didn’t like him n it didn’t matter id tell u but u do like him n I cant interfere w that. U need 2 ask him urself.

Jared [9:30am]: You’re a fucking asshole Chad!

Chad [9:30am]: Sorry man…

“What if I don’t like my roommate?”

Jared looked up from his place on Megan’s bed to see her standing, looking uncertain, with an old stuffed bear squeezed tightly in her arms. She was running her fingers through the bright pink tuft of hair on the top of its head. He threw his legs over the edge of the bed and sat up, hitting the spot beside him to tell her to sit down.

She moved quickly, sinking down into the spot and settling the stuffed animal on her lap.

“You got your room assignment, right? I thought you emailed your new roommate…”

“Yeah, I did,” Megan agreed quickly, shrugging her shoulders. “She seems really cool. Kind of… too cool?” The last part was muttered and Jared bumped her shoulder gently.

“Well, it’s not hard to be cooler than you, Meg.”

Instead of laughing, his sister’s shoulders fell further and Jared felt guilt immediately pool in his stomach.

“Come on, you know I was kidding…” A small nod. Jared lifted his left hand and scratched the back of his head.

“Meg… listen, I think your roommate is going to love you. From what you’ve said about your emails back and forth? She seems to have a lot in common with you! And if she doesn’t end up liking you?” Jared paused and nudged her again until she looked over at him. “Then that’s okay. You’re going to meet a bunch of people at school, you’re going to be friends with people who commute, who live in other dorms, have other majors… you only have to get along with your roommate, being close with them is a bonus.”

“But what if I can’t get along with her, Jared?” Megan sighed and squashed the bear down in her lap, releasing it so it fluffed back into its normal shape. “What if she hates that I snore? Or what if I brush my teeth annoyingly or she hates The Vampire Diaries!”

Jared laughed and reached over to pick up the bear.

“Megan, you can spend your time worrying about what ifs, but all that’s going to do is drive you crazy. Keep talking to her, get to know her! I bet she’s feeling the same way you are. I felt that way, too, remember?”

Megan nodded and watched as Jared stood and crossed the room to where her suitcase was lying open in front of the closet.

“Yeah… Chad wouldn’t even email you back so you thought he hated you from the start.”

“Exactly, and now look! I couldn’t get rid of Chad even if I tried to pay him.”

Her suitcase was mostly packed, her entire closet emptied and folded neatly, ready for them to take to the airport in the morning. He kneeled and carefully opened the strap to ‘buckle’ the bear in place. When he turned around with a smile, Megan was staring at him with an eyebrow raised.

“Most important thing, Meg? You need to be yourself. That means, you watch The Vampire Diaries and you gush about how ’Damon Salvatore is just the hottest!’” He raised his voice for the last part and was finally rewarded with a smile.

“You put your damn bear on your pillow every night, you brush your teeth like a normal person, you fart and stink up the room after ever Taco Tuesday!”

“Gross, Jay! I don’t fart. I’m a lady,” Megan scoffed, but her smile stayed. Jared laughed and moved back to the bed, plopping down beside her.

“Whatever, ‘toot’ on Taco Tuesday. Better?”

She rolled her eyes and Jared pulled her into a hug.

“You don’t freak out about it until there’s actually something to freak out about, okay? And if she ends up being this horrible human being who has an issue with how you sleep or bathe or talk? Then you come hang out with me and Chad or with the million other friends you’re going to make. Okay?”

Megan nodded and hugged him back.

“Promise if it really, really sucks you’ll make Chad sleep on the floor so I can have his bed?”

Jared barked out a laugh and nodded, kissing the top of her head.

“You got it. I promise.”

Jared P. @mooseRN · now

@ChaddasaurusRex, I promised @mPad if things went badly, you would get the floor. #firsttimestudent #collegeproblems #bestbigbrother

Jared tossed his phone down onto the bed and looked around his room. Most of his clothes were packed, though none of them were folded as neatly or packed as nicely as Megan’s. He had a few bags of random supplies and a tote of bedding and room-décor for both his room and Megan’s waiting in the hallway.

He was excited to get back to school, if for nothing more than to punch Chad for being as insufferable as he was over the last week since the ‘What’s Jackles real name’ conversation. Jared still hadn’t worked up enough courage to actually ask him, despite their conversations becoming more intimate lately.

Jared smiled as he picked up a few things around his desk, shoving them and his laptop into the carrying case. In the morning, all he would have to remember to bring was his phone charger.

His phone pinged and he reached for the light, flicking it off, and pulled his sweats off as he climbed into bed. He reached for the cord laying over his pillow and plugged it in before opening up the notification.

Chadmeister @ChaddasaurusRex · now

@mooseRN, if @mPad has a hot roommie? No 1 will b needing to sleep on the floor.

Megan♥♥ @mPad · now

‪@ChaddasaurusRex @mooseRN You're trying to corrupt my roommate?! You don’t even know what she looks like! Or if she likes older guys!

Chadmeister @ChaddasaurusRex · now

@mPad @mooseRN Details. Details.

Megan♥♥ @mPad · now

@mooseRN why do you hang out with @ChaddasaurusRex? He’s impossible.

Jared laughed out loud and heard Megan chuckling from the other side of the wall.

“Go to sleep!” he yelled out and heard Megan laughing louder. He rolled his eyes and looked down as his phone pinged again with a new notification.

Megan♥♥ @mPad · now

“Go to sleep” he yells, as if @mooseRN doesn’t have to be up at the same damn time! #bigbrothers #gottalovethem #mostly

Jared P. @mooseRN · now

@mPad don’t you mean #always?

Megan♥♥ @mPad · now

Gross @mooseRN. Don’t #always me. You’re going to get all the HP fans commenting now. Honestly.

Jared P. @mooseRN · now

@mPad You just used your Hermione voice on me, didn’t you?

Chadmeister @ChaddasaurusRex · now

@mPad @mooseRN Hermione is hot. #chicksiwouldbang

Megan♥♥ @mPad · now

@ChaddasaurusRex @mooseRN You are the most insensitive wart I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet.

Megan♥♥ @mPad · now

@ChaddasaurusRex @mooseRN Oh, I see, so basically you’re going to take the best looking girl who’ll have you even if she’s completely horrible.

Chadmeister @ChaddasaurusRex · now

@mPad @mooseRN Dude, are u gonna let her talk 2 me like that?

Jared P. @mooseRN · now

@ChaddasaurusRex @mPad I’m kind of more concerned that she’s only quoting Hermione to Ron quotes…

Megan♥♥ @mPad · now


Chadmeister @ChaddasaurusRex · now

@mooseRN @mPadWell… ur sisters pretty hot…

Megan♥♥ @mPad · now

@ChaddasaurusRex EWWWWWWWWWWWW Mission accomplished @mooseRN! I AM GOING TO BED

Please tell me that you and your sister are tweeting each other from one room over.
10:30 PM

And I’m pretty sure she’s going to kill you in the morning.
10:31 PM

Hahaha yeah, we are. I had her laughing through the wall earlier… but she is definitely not going to be impressed about the Hermione/Ron comment… Mostly because I’m 99% sure she had a crush on Chad during my first year of school.
10:35 PM

Oh yeah, she’s definitely going to kill you then!!
10:36 PM

Well, it was nice knowing you…
10:36 PM

10:37 PM

I’ll have to plead your case then. She’s not allowed to kill you, only maim you.
10:38 PM

Oh thanks! Haha she might go for that…
10:38 PM

Good! Haha.
10:39 PM

Naw, I don’t want her to maim you either…
10:40 PM

Well aren’t you sweet :)
10:40 PM

I try!!
10:42 PM

So how did packing go today? Did you get everything done? I was going to message you earlier but I was worried I would distract you and then you would be too stressed to get it all done later tonight…
10:44 PM

No, you wouldn’t have bothered me if you messaged me! But I did get everything done. We went out for some last minute shopping to get new toiletries and all that. Megan had a slight mental breakdown earlier about wondering if her roommate was going to like her or not…
10:46 PM

That’s always the most stressful part about starting a new semester I think… worrying about your roommate first and then wondering if your professor is going to end up being a total hard ass or not. I don’t miss school one bit lol
10:47 PM

Yeah, that’s why I’m glad Chad and I were able to get a place together. We actually sprung for an apartment off campus. I am using my loans to cover housing. I was slightly worried about trying to work through the semester so I am glad I was approved for that. Megan is going to be just fine… she’s always been the more popular one, and the kid’s never had any problems making friends ever in her life! I can’t even start to think about my teachers yet… This semester is mostly cardiac which is both exciting and terrifying. There’s apparently going to be a new teacher or two too…
10:50 PM

Yeah, that is nice. Plus, living off campus totally has its perks. I can only imagine how Chad is when he’s living in the dorms… However, living off campus means you’re going to have to figure out how to make some of your own meals. So why is cardiac terrifying? As your favorite cardiac nurse, I can help you! Though I can completely understand the fear of the unknown… new professors are definitely hit or miss, but I have my fingers crossed they’ll be ‘hits’.
10:52 PM

Chad is actually a really good cook, surprisingly. Because of my clinical schedule I’ll be eating most of my dinners at the hospital. I am excited to have my own space though, and to have space that doesn’t include sharing a bedroom with Chad. If Megan truly does end up having problems, the place is already furnished and I’m sure there’s a couch there that she could crash on.
10:54 PM

Cardiac is just… scary in the sense that it can be serious. Like, what if I mess something up? What if I misread a lab level or give a BP med when I shouldn’t and then someone goes into cardiac arrest?
10:56 PM

Lol. Well, take comfort in the fact that right now you’re a student and every single person—the RN that’s actually assigned to the patient as well as your clinical instructor—is going to be watching your every move. You will not be able to give a high risk medication without someone approving it with you. And on a cardiac floor, vitals are done more frequently and people are usually on tele.
10:58 PM

You will not kill someone, Jared. I promise you that. God forbid a patient you are assigned to ends up in cardiac arrest, it will not be your fault in the slightest. Even if you’re doing assessments, the assigned RN will be too.
10:59 PM

And I think it’s awesome that you’re going to have a furnished place. That’s much better than what I had with my first apartment!
10:59 PM

I know… rationally I know that. But still. It IS nerve wracking when you’re taking care of a more critical patient. I feel like I have barely scratched the surface in my nursing skills… I spend more time asking myself WTF and feeling insecure than I do feeling confident.
11:00 PM

Unfortunately, that’s just part of nursing school… It makes you doubt yourself while you’re given a multitude of information to process. But you’re not stupid. You wouldn’t BE in nursing school or have gotten this far if you were. You have to trust in yourself that your clinical instructor is aware of your skills and your knowledge and that they’re there to help you and push you, but not further than you’re ready for. Every professor, even if they don’t seem like it, wants you to be successful.
11:03 PM

And I want you to succeed too. I know we haven’t known each other that long but… I can tell you’re going to be a great nurse. You’re compassionate and smart, you’re funny and loyal. You CARE and that’s what really matters. The book stuff is important, but it’s not nearly as important as the way you treat people. I have enjoyed talking to you, reading your interactions with Chad and Megan and random people all over your twitter… You’re just… a good person, Jared. And you can do this, you will do this, and I will help you in whatever way that I can.
11:05 PM

You really know how to make a guy blush…
11:06 PM

Thank you, really. I just… I screen shotted that, actually, so that I can go back and remind myself whenever I start feeling crappy. I am really, really glad that I met you.
11:07 PM

And God, I am so sick of calling you Jackles in my head!
11:08 PM

Jensen :)
11:08 PM

Go to sleep Jared, and have a safe flight tomorrow. Sleep well :)
11:09 PM

You too, Jensen. Sweet dreams.
11:10 PM

“Jensen,” Jared whispered and smiled as he clicked his phone off and settled back into the covers, falling asleep with a smile on his face.

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