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13 November 2016 @ 04:25 am
Poisk Istiny [Finding Truth] - Chapter Four A  

Castiel’s Office
403 Brightwater Avenue
Brighton Beach, NY

It had been three days since Castiel had returned to New York, three days of very little sleep. He and the Bratva had searched around the clock for their missing brother. Castiel needed answers and he hoped to get some today.

He moved around the back of his desk and set two tumblers down, filling both of them with vodka.

“Drink?” Castiel picked up one of the glasses and held it out for Chuck Shurley, one of Don Winchester’s soldiers, the man who’d overheard Gordon’s phone call and reported to Sam that Gabriel had been taken.

He wanted to talk to him the night he returned to New York, but Don Winchester had made arrangements for his Capos and soldiers’ immediate move to a different housing complex, one where only his family and Castiel knew the location. Out of respect, Castiel gave the family time to grieve their losses while his Bratva searched various 116th Crew locations for his brother. After three days of no luck in finding Gabriel and running out of ideas, he needed to talk to Mr. Shurley.

Shurley wrung his hands together and shifted, clearly uncomfortable, in his seat. Castiel noticed the man was very nervous, so he offered him a small smile. “Please, I insist.”

Chuck slowly reached out and took the glass, his hand shaking so badly that vodka sloshed out of the glass and onto Castiel’s desk. The man’s eyes widened and he shook his head quickly. “I’m sorry, so sorry Pakhan.”

Castiel held his hand up, hushing the man’s frantic apology as he stood to retrieve some napkins.

“It’s okay, Mr. Shurley, drink.” Castiel nodded towards the vodka in the man’s hand as he wiped the mess up. “And please, calm down. I just requested your presence because you were the one who overheard Mr. Walker’s phone call about Gabriel. And then you contacted Sam, correct?”

Chuck nodded.

Castiel threw the soaked napkins away and sat down placing his complete attention on the man across from him. “Okay, Mr. Shurley, I need you to tell me everything you overheard.”

Chuck tossed the drink back and grimaced at the burn. “I didn't hear much, Pakhan.” His voice cracked and Chuck cleared his throat before he continued. “Gordon walked away to take a call and I needed to ask him a question about our orders. I waited a few minutes after he walked off before I went to find him. He had his back to me and was still on the phone. I… I didn't want to interrupt, you know? So I, uh, just stood there and waited for him to finish his call.”

Castiel leaned back in his chair. “Do you know who he was talking to, Mr. Shurley?”

Chuck sighed and shook his head. “No, Pakhan, he didn't mention a name.”

Castiel nodded. “Okay, please continue, Mr. Shurley.”

“I heard Gordon ask if they had managed to ‘get Gabriel’. There was a pause before Gordon inquired if he was able to be ‘persuaded’.”

Castiel tapped his fingers on his desk. “Persuaded? Persuaded to do what?”

“I-I don’t know, he didn't say more than that.” Chuck's voice quivered as he spoke. “He just waited for the answer and then asked where they were. Gordon then laughed at what was said and told the person on the phone that if he wasn't able to be persuaded, at least they wouldn't have to go far to give him a proper burial.”

Chuck took a deep breath and let it out slowly, Castiel assumed to steady his nerves. “And then he hung up and turned around. His eyes widened when he saw me standing there. He… he stiffened but quickly schooled his shock before he asked me how long I’d been there. I told him I just walked up and changed the subject by asking him what I needed to. As soon as he walked away I called Sam, told him I thought something was up with Gordon and that I thought Gabriel had been taken. That was all the information I could give Sam at the time because Gordon came back and after that he started watching me real close. I'm pretty sure he suspected I overheard more than I let on...”

Castiel leaned forward and placed his arms on his desk, steepling his fingers together. “Is there anything else, Mr. Shurley? Anything at all? Even the most minor detail may prove to be important.” Castiel stared at him with hard eyes and waited for a response.

Chuck was very quick to shake his head. “N-no, Pakhan. That is everything, everything I heard. I left nothing out, nothing at all. I swear.”

Castiel nodded towards the door. “You are free to go, Mr. Shurley. Your Capo is waiting for you at the bar.”

Chuck stood up and stumbled over his chair, almost knocking it down. He adjusted it and apologized profusely before quickly retreating from Castiel's office. The Pakhan would have found the interaction with the twitchy, intimidated soldier very amusing under different circumstances.

As it was, Castiel poured himself another drink and took a small sip as he replayed the conversation he just had with Mr. Shurley in his head. Around the fourth time going over all the information Chuck had provided, Castiel growled and slammed his hands on his desk. “God damnit! I have to be missing something!” Castiel took a deep calming breath and shut his eyes, a piece of information from Mr. Shurley’s recount of the phone call coming to his mind.

Gordon then laughed at what was said and told the person on the phone that if he wasn't able to be persuaded at least you won't have to go far to give him a ‘proper’ burial’.

Castiel's eyes snapped open. “Proper burial... The Family house, the Krushnic graveyard. They took him there!” he breathed out loud and then let the reality of it all settle. There was no doubt now that he had a traitor in the Bratva. They were the only ones who had access to the family home.

He had wasted the last three days looking into the 116th Crew when it was a member of his own family that had Gabriel all along! Castiel's own pride had immediately dismissed the notion of a traitor in his family once the younger Winchester brought it up, he was so sure that Bellomo was getting his information another way. No one in his Bratva would do such a thing, none of them would work with Bellomo!

He’d been so damn sure and now that arrogance had, most likely, caused Gabriel to suffer days of torture, or God forbid-- Castiel shook his head, he couldn't even entertain such thoughts, he needed to stay focused.

“Fuck!” he cursed as he rose to his feet, flinging his glass of vodka across the room. It smashed against the opposite wall and Castiel stared at the tiny shards of glass, breathing hard. When the desk phone started ringing, Castiel jumped slightly and straightened out his jacket before he looked down to see who was calling. Despite the situation, and the guilt he was drowning in, a small smile graced his features as he answered.

“Hello, Dean.”

“Hey, Cas. Been a few days… have you heard anything?” Dean asked and Castiel sank back down into his chair, pressing the phone against his ear.

“I talked to your soldier, Mr. Shurley, today and he gave me some information that was very useful.” Castiel sighed. “I had dismissed the idea of a member of my Bratva being in with Bellomo the moment Sam mentioned it. But after my conversation with Mr. Shurley... I’m inclined to believe a member of my family has Gabriel and not the 116th Crew. I have wasted three days, Dean, three days chasing useless leads! But now, I think I know where he was taken.”

“Where?” Castiel could hear Dean sigh on the other end, letting Castiel know he’d been hoping for Castiel’s sake that the 116th was responsible and not Castiel’s own family. Castiel had known back in Boston that Dean believed his brother.

“Our family home up north... I’m going there as soon as I hang up with you. I hope I’m wrong… But I just have this feeling that I am not,” Castiel admitted as dread settled into the pit of his stomach.

Dean was quiet for a moment and then sighed again. “You know you can’t ask anyone to go with you, no one from the Bratva anyways. Listen,” Dean cleared his throat and Cas could tell he was gearing up, “I want you to take Rufus with you. And before you get all high and mighty about how you can take care of yourself, I know you can and we both know going in without any back up is stupid.”

“I…I..” Castiel started, struggling for an excuse the Don would buy.

“Listen,” Dean rushed on, interrupting Castiel’s thoughts. “Bobby, Sam, and I are heading down to the city tonight… I have a plan to get back at Bellomo. Bobby is going to take care of Gordon, and he will be able to direct the soldiers for Rufus if need be. Rufus is a good man, good people, and he’ll have your back.”

“Dean.” Castiel paused. He had every intention of arguing with the Alpha, telling him this was Bratva business and needed to be taken care of accordingly and just by family, that he would be fine going alone. But deep down he knew Dean was right. It was suicide going alone and he really had no way of knowing who he could trust in his own family.

“Okay,” he conceded, “I will take Rufus with me if you are sure he can be spared… Now, tell me about this plan of yours.”

“Thank you,” Dean answered and Castiel could hear him moving around his kitchen, the fridge door opening and closing. “Bobby got some information from one of my soldiers about a warehouse that Bellomo uses, just outside of the city. I don’t think it’s very far, so I’m sure that there will be a bit of chaos to worry about afterwards, but I want to hit it. I’m sure my supplies are there, but fuck it. I want him to pay. I want him to watch as everything he’s worked for over the past couple of months burns.”

“So you want to burn it down?” Castiel hummed in contemplation. “I have access to explosives. We will just need to get close enough to plant them outside the warehouse. Do you think your soldiers can handle that?”

“Oh, they can handle that,” Dean said and Castiel could hear the smile in his voice. “I’ll keep you in the loop.”

“Call Rufus, let him know I’m on my way to pick him up.” Castiel stood and grabbed his keys off the desk. “I need to get up north before it gets dark. It will be easier to assess any danger while it's still light outside, and I don’t want to put your man at risk because he doesn’t know the land like I do.” Castiel pressed his phone to his ear with his shoulder as he locked his office door behind him.

“Alright, I’ll let him know,” Dean replied and silence stretched between them for a moment. “Be safe, Cas.”

“I will, I promise.” Castiel smirked. “Besides, I have every intention of staying alive long enough to finish what we started in Boston. Do you need to make sure there are rooms booked for you, Bobby, and Sam? I’m afraid we only have two available at the moment... we are rather busy. But my house has plenty of room if one of you would like to stay with me. After all, you were kind enough to let me stay with you in Boston.”

Dean laughed loudly, the sound warming Castiel’s heart. “Oh, so busy there’s only two rooms left? Well, I suppose one of us will just have to make do with staying at the Pakhan’s house…” Dean paused and then laughed again. “I’m sure Bobby would love to!”

“Don Winchester that better be your idea of a joke,” Castiel huffed. “Are you really going to make me come out and ask?”

Dean just continued laughing and Castiel smiled despite himself. “Go get your brother, Cas. I promise you it won’t be Bobby staying at your house.”

“I will see you soon Dean,” Castiel replied before hanging up, pocketing his phone and sliding into the driver's seat of his white Expedition.

Dean Winchester’s House
12 Hutchinson Lane
Quincy, Massachusetts

Dean pulled his phone back from his ear, looking down at the dark screen and seeing his reflection smiling back at himself in the screen. God, he missed Castiel…

Dean started, wondering where the hell that thought had come from. He cleared his throat, suddenly uncomfortable as he slid his phone back into his pocket. It seemed like ever since Castiel left three days ago, he’d plagued Dean. Everywhere Dean turned, he could catch the Omega’s lingering scent, sweet and spicy citrus that followed him into his dreams.

He’d woken up every morning since their heated make-out session, hard as a rock and seconds from popping a knot. It made no sense. Dean hadn’t had a knot dream since he was a teenager. And he sure as hell never had one over someone he was romantic with or with someone that was supposed to be a business partner.

But when he closed his eyes, Dean could still feel the pressure of Castiel’s lips on his own, the way his body felt spread out beneath Dean’s body on the couch. The idea of spending the night with Castiel had Dean’s skin thrumming in anticipation and he was hundreds of miles away from the Omega. He half wondered if Castiel had slipped something into his drink, but knew that anything he might’ve taken would’ve been long gone by now.

For the first time, Dean Winchester liked someone, for more than just their body, and if that wasn’t completely high school then Dean didn’t know what was. He was the leader of the Patriarca Family, he didn’t do feelings. Yet, here he was…

“You going to stop smiling any time soon?”

Sam’s voice made Dean spin around and he stared at his brother, trying to school his features and look casual. Sam, however, saw right through him and snorted as he rolled his eyes.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Dean…” Sam sighed crossed his arms over his chest. “It’s okay, you know. I mean… weird, and I’m not really sure how that would work, but you know I’d never judge you, right?”

Dean blinked at his brother, confused at what he was trying to say. “I don’t… I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about now, Sammy. How what would work?”

“You’re really going to make me say it?” Sam grimaced and Dean shook his head. “Sex, Dean. I mean sex.”

What? Dean opened his mouth to respond, then stopped and gave a soft laugh. “Well Sam… when a man loves a woman…”

“No, you dipshit,” Sam cut him off quickly. “I mean, two Alphas having sex.”

Silence fell over the kitchen and Dean was careful with his next words. “I don’t know what you’re thinking, Sammy.” He narrowed his eyes at his brother. “But I don’t know of any two Alphas that are getting it on and I sure as hell am not interested in finding out personally how that works…”

“Yeah, well,” Sam drawled, “I saw you two kiss, you know. When Castiel left to go back to New York. And even though I don’t… get that part of it, and don’t know how in the hell the Don of the Patriarca Family is going to date the Pakhan of the Krushnic Family,” he grinned at his older brother, “I’ll support you.”

Dean felt his mouth open and he immediately felt his stomach drop, anxiety swirling through his stomach as he racked his brain for anything to say to his brother, anything to convince Sam that he was mental and he saw nothing that day. He could threaten him, sure, to never repeat anything like this ever again, and Sam would. Dean knew that he would. He could tell Sam to mind his own goddamn business and wherever he wanted to shove his knot was none of his brother’s business.

He could even say nothing, tell Sam to pack his shit and hurry up because they had actual work to do. Yet… he heard his mouth saying, “Castiel isn’t an Alpha, Sam. He’s an Omega.”

Sam’s eyes widened and if it were any other circumstance, Dean would’ve laughed at the expression on his brother’s face. Dean let out a slow breath, pushing Sam’s shoulder so that he was sitting down at the table and sank down in the chair opposite him. Then, he told him everything, from meeting Castiel at the bar before the ‘Meeting’, Castiel’s drunken office advances, and Dean being surrounded day and night by Castiel’s sweet scent even though he was far gone.

Sam listened, asking a few questions --But how does he hide his scent from the Bratva? Does his family know? Dean, you know if anyone found out-- and then fell silent, lost in his own thoughts along with Dean.

“Do you think that maybe he’s your mate?”

“No Sam, Jesus,” Dean sputtered. “You think I could ever mate with the Pakhan? Even if we wanted to? He’s an Alpha to them, a bad ass motherfucker that not one person in the Bratva wants to fuck with. If they ever knew he was an Omega…” Dean stopped, shaking his head. “No, Sam. He is not and will not be my mate. We’re just… I don’t know.”

“Fooling around?” Sam asked softly and Dean ignored the pang he felt in his chest as he nodded.

“Yeah, Sam. We’re just fooling around.”

Krushnic Family Home
132-140 Peninsula Way
Lake Placid, New York

Castiel pulled up to the long driveway that led to their family home and killed the engine. Rufus side eyed him as Castiel spoke. “We are going to go on foot from here.”

Rufus grunted his response. “Smart, don't wanna drive up, flashing our headlights for anyone waiting to see.”

Castiel nodded and got out, quickly scanning the area. The first thing he noticed was that there were no other cars around. Maybe he had been wrong, maybe Gabriel hadn’t been brought here. He slapped the hood of his Expedition, getting the other man's attention. When Rufus looked at Castiel he motioned for him to get out of the car and follow him. Rufus slid out of the car and took his gun from its holster, expertly checking the chamber before clicking off the safety and looking towards the Pakhan for direction.

Castiel walked over beside him. “I really have no idea what to expect or what we might be walking into.”

Rufus gave a short, curt nod. “This isn’t my first rodeo. I know to stay on guard and that we very well could be walking into a trap,” he replied as his eyes swept over the property.

Gravel crunched under their feet almost too loudly as they walked side by side to the trail of trees that lined the driveway. Both men had their guns in hand and ready to fire at the first sign of trouble. Castiel held his hand up and motioned for Rufus to stop walking before he spoke. “We are going to walk through trees that lead up to the house. If we walk down the driveway we are out in the open, an easy target for anyone who may be watching.”

“Well,” Rufus’ lips curled up into a small smirk. “We don't want that now do we, Pakhan?” Rufus walked past Castiel, gun held out in front of him as he dipped and darted through the trees. Castiel followed behind him silently.

They slowly made their way to the front of the house and a light breeze picked up as they creeped up on to the porch. Castiel could hear the water lapping against the dock and ducks quacking in the distance, but other than that there were no signs of life anywhere.

Castiel motioned for Rufus to get behind him as he unlocked the front door and quietly pushed it open. Castiel stepped into the kitchen, Rufus whispered directly behind him, “Do you want to split up?”

Castiel shook his head ‘no’. “My men know this house and all its hiding places well. I think we should stick together. I don’t want you getting hurt. So you follow closely behind me, okay?”

Rufus harrumphed, nodding his head reluctantly. “Don Winchester told me to keep you safe. And here you are takin’ point.”

Castiel bristled slightly and raised an eyebrow. “Don Winchester need not worry about me. I am more than capable of taking care of myself.”

Rufus grunted, “That's exactly what I told him.”

Castiel turned away from Rufus and smirked slightly. He liked this Alpha. Dean had been right after all, Rufus Turner was a good man.

The two men silently moved from the kitchen to the large living room. Castiel noticed the burnt logs in the fireplace and he walked over, bending down, reaching in, and touching the soot. He looked over at Rufus. “Cold, it's been quite a while since a fire has been lit.” Castiel stood and wiped his hand off on his pants. “We will start on the second floor and work our way to the basement.”

“You're the boss,” Rufus replied as he followed the Pakhan up the stairs.

They checked each and every room carefully and calculatedly on the first and second floor until they were right back where they had started in the kitchen.

“Now we check the basement,” Castiel said as he walked over to the kitchen pantry and opened the door. He moved some canned goods around and pressed a hidden button. The back wall of the storage area opened up, revealing a set of steps.

Rufus stepped closer and raised an eyebrow as he looked at Castiel. “Any reason why the entrance to the basement is so well hidden?” Castiel side eyed him and Rufus continued, “I just like to know what I'm walking into.”

Castiel turned and faced him. “We have a room down there that is used to… persuade or punish those that need it. And if the house ever got raided by police we would not want it to be found.”

Rufus nodded. “Understandable,” he replied as they slowly descended the stairs.

They checked the only other room in the basement besides the torture room first. It held exercise equipment and a swimming pool. After a thorough sweep they deemed it to be clear. Castiel closed the door behind them as they exited it, then they walked down the short hallway and paused in front of a metal door with a code pad. Both men wrinkled their noses. The smell of fear, blood, bodily fluids, death and spruce was strong outside the room. Castiel could only imagine how much worse it would be once he opened the door.

He didn’t need to go inside to know that he had finally found where Gabriel had been for the last few days.

Castiel punched the code into the pad, grateful that his fingers weren’t shaking, and pushed the door open. Rufus gagged and Castiel immediately buried his nose in the crook of his elbow as his eyes scanned the room. Blood splatter decorated all four walls and pooled, tacky on the floor. The chains they sometimes used on particularly stubborn individuals were attached to the hooks that hung from the ceiling, leading Castiel to believe they had been used recently since they weren’t there the last time he had been down here. Various tools used for torture were laid out on a large metal table, all of them covered in dried blood.

Castiel tentatively walked into the room while Rufus stood guard by the door. He looked at the blood stained knifes, pliers, whips, chains and saws. Yet, there wasn’t a soul, living or dead, in the room. Castiel shivered. If Gabriel had been tortured in here? He was in bad shape and bleeding out, Castiel refused to think of him in any other way. Castiel backed out of the room and shut the door, refusing to meet Rufus’ eyes or answer his unasked question. They would find Gabriel.

Rufus followed Castiel back up the stairs and into the kitchen and shook his head the moment Castiel shut the pantry door behind them. Castiel saw the movement from the corner of his eye and turned to give the older Alpha his attention.

“I don’t think your brother is in the house.”

“I have one more place we can check before we start canvassing the grounds,” Castiel answered curtly, pushing past him and adding over his shoulder, “Come on, the boathouse is this way.”

They made their way carefully across the grounds to the large lake where a boathouse sat on the water’s edge. The closer they got to the structure, the stronger the scent of blood and spruce became. Giving up on stealth, Castiel made sure a bullet was in the chamber of his gun and broke out into a run.

Rufus huffed and started after him. “God dammit, wait for me!”

Castiel threw open the doors, gun aimed and finger pressing against the trigger as he scanned the large area. Gabriel was lying on the left dock, curled on his side. His clothes were dirty, torn and stained crimson. There was blood pooled all around him, he wasn't moving and he didn't look like he was breathing. Castiel started to take a step closer and Rufus put his hand on the Pakhan’s shoulder stopping him. Castiel’s heart started to beat rapidly in his chest and he yanked himself out of the touch before striding over to Gabriel and dropping down on his knees beside him, taking in his brother's appearance.

There was so much blood it was hard to assess the damage. From what Castiel could see, cuts and gashes littered his body; some shallow, some deep. His eyes were black and purple, swollen to the point that if Gabriel did open his eyes, he wouldn't be able to open them far, if at all. His nose was definitely broken and his lips had been split open in more than one place. But what really caught Castiel’s attention was the deep gash that started at his hairline and trailed down his cheek before ending at his chin. But, as deep as the gash was, it could never account for all of the blood.

Castiel tossed the keys to the Expedition to Rufus and yelled, “Get the car! We going to have to get him out of here. We can't call an ambulance, can't risk cops coming out here. Drive it up as close as you can.

Rufus nodded and ran from the boathouse.

Castiel turned back to his brother, “Brat! Brat, vstavay!”

Nothing... Gabriel continued to lie there, lifeless. Castiel clenched his fists and shook his head. Castiel was afraid to touch him, lift him, but he fought against his own feelings and gently turned his brother onto his back. “You are strong Gabriel! You will not die like this!” Castiel screamed, fighting to keep his hands steady. “Wake up!”

Gabriel coughed and blood dripped in a long thin lines from his mouth. He scrunched up his nose, whimpering at the pain the simple movement caused. “Moy mladshiy brat,” he wheezed, “Ya na nebo?”

Castiel barked out a laugh, tears springing to his eyes. “Do you think it would really be me that you would see if you were in Heaven?”

“Good,” Gabriel gasped, “point... am I in Ad then?” Gabriel tried to open his eyes but again the pain was too much and he fell back with a sharp wheeze of pain.

“Not Hell, either, moy brat.” Castiel shook his head, a small smile spreading across his lips. “I'm glad to know almost dying did not rob you of your sense of humor.”

Gabriel shakily reached out and took Castiel's hand. “Castiel, there is… something I need to tell you before I…” Gabriel grimaced in pain again, tensing his fingers around Castiel’s. “Before I pass out or-”

Castiel cut his brother off, “Do not finish that sentence, Gabriel Mika.”

Gabriel gave a small nod and swallowed hard before he continued, his voice coming out in a raspy whisper, “Lucifer did this.”

Castiel leaned down closer to his brother to make sure he heard correctly. “Say that again brat .”

Lucifer... In with Bellomo.”

Castiel growled. “Lucifer? Lucifer did this!? Our own brat did this to you?!”

He tried to reach for his Pakhan but gasped in pain again. “He's planning on taking you down, Castiel. He kid-” he stopped for a moment and Castiel held his breath, “-kidnapped me… try… persuade me to join him.” Gabriel’s chest heaved with the effort to talk. Castiel lifted his free hand and placed it over his chest, keeping a comforting pressure there while Gabriel tried to finish. Gabriel swallowed hard and grabbed for his younger brother’s hand, his sightless eyes seeking Castiel’s. “He knows you let your guard down around me and he wanted to use that to his advantage…” Gabriel stopped in a fit of coughing and Castiel could hear the blood and fluid in his lungs. He winced and met his brother’s barely open eyes. “… he realized I wouldn't turn on you… tried to get information about you.”

Castiel stiffened by Gabriel's side and Gabriel gave his brother’s hand a small squeeze.

“I gave him nothing, Castiel. Mladshiy brat, I would rather die than betray you.” After another gasping breath, Castiel did his best to prop him up, to ease the strain on his lungs. Gabriel turned to him slowly. “Once Lucifer figured that, he beat me… left me for dead.”

Silence fell between them as Castiel looked down at Gabriel, struggling for each breath he took. A wet cough broke the silence and Gabriel released his hand to clutch his ribs. “I’m scared shitless, Castiel…” he whispered and Castiel watched as his brother’s eyes fluttered closed, sweat beading across his upper lip. “Can we... get me to a hospital now before I die for real?”

Castiel smiled down at Gabriel, swallowing hard as he found and squeezed his brother’s cold hand. “Yes, we will get you to the hospital, and you are not going to die on me. That is an order from your Pakhan, you got that?”

Gabriel murmured, “Yeah, I got it. But get me there quick, yeah? I’ve lost a lot of blood, I'm woozy and... I can’t feel my legs. I still have legs, right?.”

“Yes,” Castiel reassured his brother, “you still have legs.” He turned to look for Rufus, listening for a moment for an approaching car. “I didn’t come alone. One of the Patriarca crew is with me, he’s getting the car.” He kept his eyes peeled in the direction Rufus would be coming and squeezed Gabriel’s hand.

Vskore brat. Prosto povesit' tam,” he comforted softly, but as he looked back down at Gabriel, he saw that his brother had passed out again. Castiel gently moved his brother’s body, moving him into the recovery position with the comment about him not being able to feel his legs worrying in the back of his mind. Castiel knew his Krysha’s MO. Lucifer was an enforcer; his job was violence and he was damn good at it. Castiel looked over Gabriel’s back and just as he expected, he counted three deep knife wounds.

Castiel held Gabriel close and shut his eyes. He had one brother who was in such bad shape he didn't know if he would live and if he did live, it was entirely possible he would not walk again. Then he had a brother that was a traitor. There was one thing Castiel knew for sure though, he would find Lucifer and kill him for what he had done to his family, his Bratva. And he would be the one to do it. His death would damn sure be neither quick nor painless.

Castiel heard the tires of the Expedition squeal and gravel fly as Rufus slammed the brakes. He jumped from the vehicle and ran toward them.

“We need to be careful,” Rufus said as he crouched next to the Pakhan and his brother.

“We do.” Castiel moved to Gabriel’s center and looked over at Rufus. “We need to get him to the nearest hospital.” He stood up before bending back down and picking up his unconscious brother bridal style. He carried him to the car and Rufus opened the back door for the brothers. Castiel laid Gabriel gently on the backseat, trying as hard as he could to keep Gabriel as straight as possible, before he slid in beside him. Rufus raised an eyebrow at the Pakhan. Castiel looked from his brother back to him. “You drive, I will give you directions.”

Rufus nodded and slammed the back door before getting back into the driver's seat and peeling away from the docks and off the property.

Castiel looked back down at his brother whose breathing had turned very shallow. Castiel leaned down and whispered in Gabriel's ear where only he could hear what was being said, “Do not die on me, Gabriel. You can't because I - I can't do this without you, moy starshiy brat, moy zashchitnik. Did you hear me? You are my right hand man, my older brother, you are always there for me,” his voice hitched slightly, but he pressed on, “Gabriel, you must fight, you are my protector, you're the only one who knows the real me… Well one of two now... Make it through this, brat! I want to tell you about him. Gabriel, I'm so confused about that whole situation. I really need your advice. I need you, I need my big brother. So don't leave me okay?”

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