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18 November 2016 @ 07:12 pm
Poisk Istiny [Finding Truth] - Chapter Five A  

Castiel Krushnic’s House
4140 Ocean Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

“It’s been two days, Sammy.” Dean shoved the bowl of cereal his brother had placed in front of him on the table and dragged the oversized coffee cup to himself instead. As he wrapped his fingers around the mug he paused, his stomach twisting uncomfortably at the idea of putting anything in his mouth.

“Dean…” Sam sighed, staring at his brother from across the table as he picked at his own breakfast. “I talked to Jessica last night…”

Dean hummed a response, glancing up at Sam’s face. He knew Sam missed his mate and he felt slightly guilty that he had demanded Sam stay in New York with him while they figured out the mess they were in with Castiel being MIA now.

Sam was chewing on his lower lip and leaned back in the chair, running both of his hands through his hair.

“You haven’t slept in two days,” he said.

Dean snorted, turning his eyes away from Sam and back to his coffee.

“You haven’t eaten! Dean, you pace this house and Castiel’s room, checking your phone like it’s going to magically tell you something and…”

As Sam trailed off Dean looked back up and saw he was back to pulling at his hair, something he only did when he was really upset or frustrated.

“Just fucking spit it out Sammy!” Dean growled at him finally when the silence became too thick in the air. He could almost taste how uncomfortable Sam was, the scent of his distress crowding over the lingering orange scent of Castiel. “You think I should go back to Boston, right? Should actually do something now that we’ve forced Bellomo to take a knee? Should I gather our troops and Castiel’s and hit him again? What is it that you think I should do right now, huh? Because from where I am sitting, we haven’t heard anything from Bobby about Gordon, there’s a leak in both our family and the Bratva, and their Pakhan hasn’t been heard from in fucking days! So please, enlighten me to what you think-”

“Can you smell him, Dean? Can you smell Castiel right now?” Sam interrupted, throwing Dean off guard.

”What? What the hell does that have to do with anything, Sam! Of course I can fucking smell him! This is his house! He’s in every single--”

“That… fake shit, the spruce scent, I stopped smelling yesterday afternoon. I know that it’s a fabricated scent but it’s high quality, has fooled his family for years. I would assume that it almost… piggybacks on his natural scent.”

Dean stared at Sam, his mouth slightly open. His brother had gone insane, truly insane. What the ever living fuck did it matter if Castiel could still be scented in his home?! The Omega was probably hurt, bleeding out, running for his life…

“Please don’t be mad.”

“Jesus Christ Sam… I hate when you say that.”

Dean clenched his fists, preparing himself for whatever was going to come out of Sam’s mouth next. If anyone could push his buttons, even at his calmest, it was his brother. Now, with how on edge he was feeling… Dean reached down to grip the seat cushion, just in case Sam’s next words made him see red.

“I… I told Jess. About you and about Castiel…”

“Are you trying to get him killed?” Dean roared and Sam, to his credit, barely flinched.

“And Jess brought up a really good point… No one, ever, in Castiel’s life has been able to scent him through the cologne. Hell, Dean… since we’ve gotten here I’ve been trying to scent him, his true scent. I tried to get any hints of the medicinal scent you described, tried to differentiate it from Gabriel’s scent or another one of his brothers, and I couldn’t, not even from his bedroom! Castiel’s scent to me is pure, strong spruce, and a hundred percent Alpha. But you… you could scent him right away, can still scent him now, and I think if you really think hard on it, you can scent something else on him too.”

“The fuck is that supposed to mean, Sammy?” Dean shook his head, gripping the seat tighter. “Maybe I just have better senses than you. I wasn’t expecting him to be an Alpha when we met. He was a hot guy at the bar and I was hoping he was an option for the night. I was--”

“You were scenting your mate.”

Silence fell between them and Dean could feel his eyes widening, a strange sense of panic washing over him. He felt the chill as it spread through his body, starting from his fingers and toes until he was light headed with it.

“Excuse me?” Dean whispered, swallowing hard and forcing himself to stay straight, to have his eyes locked on Sam’s calm hazel ones. “What the hell did you just say?”

“You can scent him, have always been able to scent him, because he’s your mate. And I think…” Sam leaned toward his brother, “Dean, I think that maybe he’s your true mate.”

Sam held up his hands to forestall his brother’s protest. “Hear me out. Since we met with the Bratva… you’ve been kind of… entranced by Castiel’s presence. You’re going out of you way to be present in going up against Bellomo, despite the fact that we have Capos and Soldiers to do some of the jobs that we’ve been doing.” Sam looked quizzically at his brother, pausing for a heartbeat before he continued, “We have allied before, Dean, and never have we traveled so much into our ally’s territory, been welcome into their homes, talked with them or had a relationship other than emails and business.”

“Sam,” Dean let out a pained sigh, “I told you, it’s not…”

“It is,” Sam interrupted, “Castiel has been different for you since that first meeting. From what you’ve described… it seems like you’re drawn to him. And I get that!” Sam’s enthusiasm bubbled over and he sat forward in his chair. “I was to Jess!! I was still seeing Ruby off and on before I met her, and once I did… Dean, ” he shook his head, “there was no one else in the world that I wanted to see more, or hear more, or be with more. And I know his situation, but you can’t… change that, Dean! It’s biology, a higher power, whatever it is.”

“Listen to me very closely Sam.” Dean kept his voice calm and precise, meeting his brother’s eyes across the table. “Just because you found your true mate, doesn’t mean that everyone is suddenly going to get that fucking lucky, okay?” He gave his brother a small smile. “Look, man, I’m happy for you, I’m thrilled, and I can’t wait to meet Jessica and see your pups and watch our family grow. But Castiel Krushnic is not my true mate. He’s not anything to me except for a business partner, perhaps a friend.”

Sam nodded slowly and waited a moment before asking, “Have the dreams started?” He crossed his arms over his chest and waited for his brother to answer.

Dean stiffened and Sam suddenly slammed his hands down on the table, pushing himself up to full height as he leaned over the hard wood and into Dean’s space. “Have they? Can you smell him no matter where you are? Find yourself picturing fucking ridiculous sappy ass shit that you never imagined you would? Are you panicking inside, wondering if he could be dead, Dean? Wondering if he’s not contacting you because he’s hurt? Because that’s what it feels like to care about someone. Or maybe he’s found another Alpha. A stronger Alpha, one that isn’t afraid to admit what’s fucking in front of his goddamn face--”

Neither one of them expected the hit, but suddenly Dean was on his feet and Sam was slammed back into the wall, his left cheek split and his blood marking his brother’s hands. Dean was breathing hard, his fist still clenched and held before him, staring down at his brother’s body.

Sam’s eyes widened and he lifted his own fingers, wincing as he pressed against his cheekbone. Dean’s nostrils flared but there was no scent of fear on the air. Only the acrid stench of his own guilt and anger. Dean swallowed hard, finally dropping his fist.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that again, Sam. You are my blood and my family, but you would do well to remember that I am not only your brother.”

Sam held his gaze as he gripped the table and hauled himself back up, straightening out his clothes and wiping his blood off on his jeans.

“Yes, Don Winchester,” Sam replied, giving his head a slight bow as he grabbed his cereal bowl and coffee cup, depositing both into the sink.

Dean stayed still, his back to Sam, and listened as he moved around the kitchen, cleaning up their breakfast, and then moved to the doorway. “I apologize for overstepping my boundaries as your Underboss, but as your brother? I will say that you are being callous and foolish.”

Dean turned to face him but Sam was gone, leaving him standing alone in the kitchen with his soggy cereal bowl and cold cup of coffee. Dean reached for the back of the chair, gripping it hard as his entire body started to shake. Sam was wrong, no matter how determined he was to pick up ridiculous clues. He was on cloud nine from finding his mate, and Dean couldn’t blame him… not really.

Since they were children there were two things they wanted. First, to take over the family business, make their father proud, and second, to find their true mates, just like in the fairy tales their mom used to read them.

He glanced down at his right hand, moving his wrist so Sam’s drying blood glinted in the overhead light.

“Fuck,” Dean whispered, squeezing his eyes shut tightly. He should not have hit his brother… Real shitty way to show leadership. He could see John’s face, the disappointment in his eyes, and Dean tore himself away from the table and stalked around the island to the sink.

He shoved his hands under the spray of hot water, scrubbing at his skin with his nails until he had thick, red gouges marking up the back of his hands and wrists. He let his arms fall limp, letting the heat from the water burn the marks until he was numb.

Dean didn’t know how long he stood there, trying to block out every fear that Sam had brought up -- What if Castiel was dead? What if he was lying somewhere, bleeding out and alone?

The water was like ice when he finally reached up with stiff fingers to turn the faucet off. The house was silent and for a moment, Dean considered heading upstairs to see what Sam was doing, maybe even apologize…

The sound of car tires slowly rolling outside of the house made Dean stop in his tracks and he immediately went to his gun tucked in the back of his jeans and slipped from the kitchen into the living room. The windows in here were large, too large for Dean to peak out of without being noticed and he swore under his breath before he made his way through the house to the large mud room by the front door.

The door would be locked, of course, the alarm set, but if someone was showing up here, wondering if they’d gotten the job done when they shot at Castiel --because Dean refused to believe that the Pakhan was actually dead-- then a stupid alarm or the threat of police showing up would do nothing to stop them. He shrank back against the wall and glanced to the right when he heard the creak of the stairs. Sam met his eyes, gun at the ready and nodded once to let Dean know he had his back.

They listened to the slam of a car door, then heavy footsteps as someone approached the door. Dean held his breath, his thumb automatically sliding over the safety and his index finger resting against the trigger. The footsteps stopped, then there was the sound of a key sliding into the lock. Dean glanced over to Sam who shrugged, his eyes flashing back through the doorway when the door was shoved open.

The alarm started but was quickly silenced as the man behind the door punched in the correct code. Dean scented the air, hope bubbling in the center of his chest. He could smell Castiel faintly, and that was all it took for him to raise his gun and step into the room, aiming it at the face of the intruder.

“Fuck boy, what did your father tell you about playing with firearms? Put that shit down!” Rufus yelled at him, kicking the front door shut as he tossed a bundle of keys onto the counter by the door. “Take someone’s eye out that way…”

“Rufus?” Dean immediately dropped his gun down, clicking on the safety. “Where’s Castiel?”

Rufus glanced up at Dean, then over his shoulder to where Sam had come into view. “We alone?”

Dean felt his stomach drop for what seemed like the hundredth time today. “I mean, none of Castiel’s ‘family is here?”

“No,” Sam answered for him and Dean watched as his brother put away his own gun and led Rufus through Castiel’s house to the living area. Dean followed and felt his skin start to crawl. He could smell Castiel on Rufus’ skin... could smell that his Omega was stressed, panicked, upset.

Dean stopped short in the hallway. His Omega? Where the fuck did that come from? He felt the panic starting again, deep in the pit of his stomach, and he forced himself to walk forward and join his brother and Rufus.

“Where is Castiel?” Dean demanded again, cutting off whatever Rufus had been saying to Sam the moment he was in the room. “I can scent him on you, Rufus. He’s stressed and panicking. What the fuck happened up there? I heard gunshots on his end and you went to help him and then nothing! Neither one of you decided to call me back and let me know you weren’t dead?”

Sam’s hand on his shoulder made Dean realize he’d stepped into Rufus’ space, inches from the older man’s face, and his voice had risen with each word. Rufus raised an eyebrow but surprisingly knew not to come back with a snarky response.

“Both of our phones were destroyed in the altercation. I was barely able to get in touch with my crew,” he started, calmly, his eyes locked with his Boss’. “Two men assaulted Castiel and Gabriel in the hospital with the intention of taking them both out. Castiel took down one on his own and we struggled with the second until the Pakhan ended his life as well. Both Castiel and Gabriel were unharmed. From… that attack, anyway. Gabriel is not doing so well. I don’t know how much the Pakhan filled you in on, but his brother looks like shit and will be spending a lot of time at Porter.”

“Porter… That’s the hosp-” Sam started and Rufus silenced him with a look.

“Exactly. You know where it’s at so we don’t need to be shoutin’ it to the world.” Rufus looked between the two brothers before returning his gaze back to Dean. “The Pakhan ain’t hurt… but he sure as hell isn’t doing so hot.”

“What does that mean?” Dean stepped forward once more.

“His brother’s on his deathbed,” Rufus continued keeping his voice calm, and the oldest, Lucifer, is setting out to kill him. He’s the one who beat the hell out of Gabriel and sent men after the pair of them.” Rufus rubbed at tired eyes as Dean’s face darkened. “It’s why I suggested getting out of New York, going somewhere safe and secluded where only the best of the best know the location. The Pakhan’s worried about his brother, and he seems to be comin’ down with something… I don’t know…” Rufus bit his lower lip and Dean glanced at Sam. He’d never seen the older man look so unsure before…

“‘Comin’ down with something... Do you mean the flu? A cold?” Sam’s questions reeked of anxiety. Rufus blew out a sharp breath, shaking his head.

“That’s what he was saying, but if I didn’t know any better…” Rufus trailed off and shook his head. “It was a busy two days, and I need some goddamn sleep boys.”

“Rufus,” Dean’s voice was sharp and stopped the Alpha from leaving the room. “If you didn’t know better… what?”

“If I didn’t know better,” Rufus repeated, staring straight into Dean’s eyes. “Then I would say the Pakhan was startin’ to go into heat.”

Dean heard Sam’s sharp intake of breath and he stood frozen for a moment before he stepped forward, grabbing the front of Rufus’ shirt and breathing in deeply. He ignored the protest coming from the man, wrinkled his nose at the sharp hickory scent of Rufus, and smelled it.

“Cinnamon, Sammy. I can smell cinnamon.” Dean released Rufus and stumbled back, turning to face his brother with wide eyes. The heat, the spice he could always smell with the orange blossoms… it was cinnamon!

Sam was suddenly there, ripping Dean’s arm up and pressing his nose against the inside of his wrist. When Sam’s eyes widened, too, Dean knew.

“Go to him, Dean. Now.”

Dean flung himself from the room and up the stairs, barely hearing Rufus’ ‘What the hell is goin’ on here’ and not caring for Sam’s response. Dean had a mate. A true mate. And he was hurting, in pain, and starting his fucking heat.

He found a large duffel bag beneath Castiel’s bed and he dragged it out, yanking open the drawers on the large dresser and grabbing handfuls of clothes to dump into the bag. He knew the cabin was usually stocked full of toiletries, so he avoided the bathroom and dumped his own small bag of clothes into the larger bag before zipping it up and starting back down the stairs.

“I’ll… call you,” Dean said as he passed back through the living room, glancing at Sam who was probably explaining as little as he possibly could get away with to Rufus. Right now, Dean couldn’t think about the consequences of people finding out, of Dean and Castiel actually mating. He didn’t even know if the Pakhan would accept a bond from him, and his heart twisted at the thought of being rejected.

“Sammy?” he called from the mud room, reaching for the door. Sam appeared, looking at Dean like he was crazy for still standing there. “I… I’m just…”

“Dean, I know.” Sam smiled at him and Dean winced as he watched the puffy, bruised skin on his cheek pull with the motion. Yeah, he had a lot of ass kissing to do. “Just go,” Sam waved him off, “be with your mate.”

Dean nodded, not having to be told twice, and headed straight for the Impala. “Hold on Cas,” he whispered to himself as he started up the ignition. “I’m coming.”

Rufus’ & Bobby’s Hunting Cabin
1572 Quaker Village Road
Weybridge, Vermont

As the day progressed, so did Castiel's symptoms.

It had started getting worse after Rufus left, so he’d taken his time in the shower, hoping that the cool water would lower his temperature enough to break this damn fever. He stayed under the cool spray until every one of his fingertips and toes were pruned and then had to drag himself out. He had found an old pair of sweatpants deep in the back of one of the dressers; he didn’t know if they belonged to Bobby or Rufus, but they fit him well enough. His body was sore, stiff, and he found himself breathing hard by the time he finished drying off and pulling sweat pants on. He let the shirt he’d brought into the bathroom slip through his fingers -- he was too damn hot for a full set of clothing anyways.

Castiel tried to fix himself something to eat from the meager supplies in the cabinets, but after two bites of the soup he found himself nauseous and running for the garbage can. He didn’t have time to be sick! He had fully intended on making his way over to the hospital that day to see Gabriel, but the thought of giving his brother whatever illness he’d picked up made his stomach clench and he stayed put. Gabriel had enough on his plate without this too.

As the sun began to set, Castiel felt a million times worse. He collapsed onto the couch, sighing as the cool fabric pressed against his bare skin, and let his eyes fall closed. He felt exhausted, but somehow knew that no matter what he did, sleep would not come easily tonight. His skin felt like it was on fire, he ached down to his very core, and no matter how many fans he dragged out of the dusty crawl space, he was covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

He shifted, upset with himself for even getting into this position --Krusnics did not get sick-- when he felt slick gush from his hole.

Castiel froze, his eyes widened as he scented the air and realized it was heavy with his scent, his true scent. With a shaking hand he raised his arm and sniffed at his skin. There was no trace of the spruce left on him… only orange blossoms and spice and he gasped out loud as he realized what was happening.

This was not the flu.

The first thing Castiel felt was panic. He had never, not once in his entire life, been through a real heat before. He hadn’t even been around any Omegas to know what to expect! He racked his brain, trying to remember what the hell they’d taught him in health class back in middle school but he’d spent so many years denying his true gender, pretending he was an Alpha, he’d pushed off everything he’d been taught. He’d been on suppressants for twenty three years, ever since he was eleven and his father had gotten him tested after falling ill and his true gender was revealed. He--

Castiel sat up straight, another wave of slick pulsing from his body, and he realized that he hadn’t taken his suppressants in four days. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he whispered, reaching up and dragging his hands through his hair, fisting and pulling at the strands. He couldn’t remember anything from health class, but Crowley’s warning when he was still a pup came back, clear as a bell.

”Remember, Castiel. If you stop taking these, even if it’s just been a day, your body will be playing catch up with itself and you’ll find yourself a willing whore, presenting to any Alpha whose scent you catch.”

Castiel’s stomach rolled and he honestly couldn’t tell if it was from not eating in almost twenty-four hours, the heat that was now wreaking havoc through his body, or fear. Before he could dwell on it, he heard the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway.

He shakily stood, ignoring the sticky wetness in his sweats, his legs almost giving out on him. Castiel reached for his gun on the coffee table and pitched forward, the only thing that kept him from falling face first was that he had managed to reach out just in time and grip the edge of the table. He wrapped his hand around the gun and staggered over to the door, using various pieces of furniture to get himself there. He stood behind it, swallowing hard as he flicked off the safety and raised the gun. In the condition he was in, the only way he would survive an altercation was to have the element of surprise and quickly put a bullet in the guy's skull. There was no way could he take anyone on in hand to hand combat.

The doorknob turned and Castiel cursed under his breath. What kind of idiot was he to not even lock the fucking door? But as it swung open, Castiel was hit with the most delicious scent--pine and cinnamon. He smirked as Dean took a step into the room. Castiel clicked the safety back on and raised the gun, pressing the cool metal to the back of Dean’s head. “You know, it's not very polite to come without calling first, Don Winchester.”

“Cas,” Dean breathed out, dropping the bag he was carrying onto the floor. The Alpha’s shoulders stiffened, and from behind him Castiel could see Dean scenting the air.

“Smell something you like, puppy?” Castiel rasped, his voice hoarse and needy.

Dean swallowed audibly, then slowly turned to face Castiel, his green eyes blown wide with arousal. Castiel watched as Dean raised his arm, guiding his fingers over the hand Castiel had on the gun, before he pushed Castiel’s arm down. Then, without warning, Castiel was flung to the side, his back pressed against the front door as Dean slammed him against it and closed the space between them. The gun clattered to the ground and Castiel could feel himself breathing hard.

“You smell fantastic,” Dean whispered against Castiel’s throat, leaning in to scent him.

Castiel let out a low whine as he felt Dean press his nose against his flesh. He shivered as the Alpha licked a stripe up this throat and began to nibble gently when he reached the sensitive spot behind his ear.

“Dean,” Castiel’s voice wavered as he spoke, “I think I’m in heat.”

“Yeah, Cas,” Dean agreed against his skin, pulling back just enough so they could meet each other’s gaze. “I… would have to agree.”

Castiel let his head fall back against the door as he took a deep breath and groaned. “You smell delicious, Dean. Like pine and cinnamon.”

Castiel ran his hands up Dean’s chest, lifting his head so he could look into Dean’s eyes again. How had he never noticed the Alpha’s eyes were like the forest? He moved his hand back up Dean’s chest, fingers twisting in the fabric of his shirt to pull him closer. “So delicious that I want to taste you. Will you let me, Dean? Will you let me taste you?”

“Jesus, Cas,” Dean gasped and his eyes fluttered closed for a moment. Castiel felt his entire body respond as the Alpha subconsciously rolled his hips forward, pressing his arousal into Castiel’s crotch and pinning him tighter against the door.

“Should… we talk about this?” Dean whispered, his voice cracking once and Castiel smirked back at him.

“What is there to talk about, Dean? You have a willing, horny Omega in heat pinned against the door and you want to talk?” Castiel leaned forward and nipped at Dean’s neck. “I thought you would have already had me naked by now… Alpha,” Castiel purred the last word in Dean’s ear, his breath ghosting across the shell of it.

Dean growled, his arms coming around Castiel’s body and lifting him from the ground. On instinct, Castiel wrapped his legs around the Alpha’s waist, groaning as his cock pressed against the hard line of Dean’s flesh and a fresh wave of slick leaked out of him.

Dean crossed the small cabin space, and suddenly Castiel found himself deposited onto a bed in the downstairs bedroom. His breath left him in a surprised gasp and suddenly there was Dean, crawling up over his body and sealing their lips together.

Castiel moaned into the heated kiss and arched his body up against Dean’s hands as the Alpha skated them down his chest. He trailed down lower, running circles over Castiel’s hip bones with his thumbs before he gripped his hips tight and broke the kiss, holding Castiel down against the bed.

“Fuck, Cas,” Dean groaned, now moving down Castiel’s body, pressing kisses against his heated flesh. Dean’s thumbs were hooked into the sweatpants, sliding them slowly down as he moved, and Castiel shivered as more of his skin was exposed to the air. Dean stopped with his forehead pressed against Castiel’s lower stomach, breathing hard as he scented Castiel again. “You smell so fucking perfect… so perfect for me…”

Castiel reached down and threaded his fingers through Dean’s hair, tugging it until Dean looked up and met his eyes. He swallowed hard as he continued to look down at Dean. “You have far too many clothes on, Alpha,” he whispered, suddenly self-conscious that Dean was still fully dressed.

Dean nodded once, pushing up onto his knees and reaching for the bottom of his shirt. In one smooth motion, he pulled the fabric from over his head, a necklace Castiel had never noticed before bouncing gently against his bare chest. Dean stayed like that for a moment, letting Castiel watch the rise and fall of his chest, before he leaned forward again, pressing their lips and bare chests together.

Castiel felt Dean smile into the kiss a small gasp escaped his lips when he felt Dean’s skin against his. Never in Castiel’s life had he felt this kind of pleasure, this kind of connection with another person. He felt his body start to shake, his brain racing to sort out every emotion bombarding him, and above him, Dean groaned and pressed in closer.

“Remember that day on my couch, Cas? God, you looked so perfect, all spread out for me, soaking wet? I could smell you for days… every time I went into that room, all I had to do was close my eyes and I could see you there.” Dean pressed his lips against the side of Castiel’s throat, his fingers trailing back down his sides. “Wanted you so bad, Cas… wanted to know what you felt like, what all of you felt like.”

Castiel gasped as Dean’s fingernails scraped against his nipples, his entire body reacting. His skin still felt hot, Dean being the only thing that could cool him. He ached, but was it for Dean, or for an Alpha? Castiel’s eyes flew open and he pressed his hands hard into Dean’s chest, forcing the Alpha back.

“Cas?” Dean was confused, but he complied and moved back, kneeling a few inches away. Castiel scrambled back, his entire being screaming at him for moving away. He stared at Dean, the Alpha’s body covered in a sheen of sweat, his jeans tented from his arousal, and Castiel had to bite back the whine of want in his throat.

“It’s just the heat,” he whispered finally, watching as Dean’s confusion increased, the Alpha slowly shaking his head. “It’s just the heat that makes you want this… want me, makes me want you. This is just… biology!” His hands were shaking at his sides and grabbed the nearest pillow to cover his arousal, half uncovered from his pants. “I don’t… I’ve never…” Castiel stopped, shaking his head. Despite the want coursing through his veins, his heart was telling him something very different.

Dean had pushed him away, had denied him, more times than he had ever accepted the desire that was between them. Castiel wasn’t stupid, he knew that the Alpha had wanted him from the first moment they’d laid eyes on each other. But that hadn’t stopped Dean from pushing him away on more than one occasion. Why Dean was bringing up the couch… Castiel didn’t know. But he did know that Dean didn’t really want this, didn’t really want him. And Castiel wasn’t some slutty Omega. He didn’t need to give in and bend over for a knot just because his body wanted it. Dean was an Alpha surrounded by heat pheromones and--

“You’re thinking too fucking loud, Castiel.” Dean’s voice cut through his thoughts and Castiel looked back up, blinking away the tears that had suddenly filled his eyes. Emotional, that was a new heat symptom…

Dean shifted, kicking his legs out so he could sit, and he adjusted his jeans carefully before giving a soft laugh. “Cas, what do you smell right now?”

“What does that have to do with anything, Dean?” Castiel sat up adjusting the pillow in his lap.

“Biology,” Dean replied, smirking, but quickly schooled his features when he saw Castiel wasn’t impressed. “Just… humor me. Please?”

Castiel huffed and rolled his eyes as he took in a deep breath. “I smell orange blossoms, pine, and um... cinnamon.”

“Cinnamon, Cas,” Dean whispered, staring at him with such a hopeful expression that Castiel was taken aback. “Don’t you see it?”

Castiel furrowed his brow and shook his head. “Dean I’m afraid I’m not --” Castiel’s eyes widened. ‘Spicy pine’, the scent he had smelled on Dean that day he had drunkenly came onto him in his office, was cinnamon! The fact that Dean could always scent him, despite the suppressants and the cologne… the way Castiel felt around him, despite everything he’d been taught, or the way he’d been raised. “Oh,” he whispered, eyes locking on Dean who was still staring back at him. “We’re true mates. I... I never thought I would find mine.” Castiel fell silent for a moment, the only sound in the room was the two of them breathing, evenly matched. “They are so rare…”

“I know,” Dean answered back and Castiel could see him rocking back and forth slightly, itching to move, to touch. “But… like you said. Biology, right?” Dean gave a small laugh again and shook his head. “Since day one, I’ve been drawn to you, Cas… Sam was actually the one that figured it out for me. He’s always been the smart one…”

Castiel felt his pulse quicken even faster than the rapid pace it was already beating. Dean had told someone else. The more people that knew, the more at risk he was. “You told Sam? Dean! How much does he know? Does anyone else know?”

“No, well…” He scrubbed at the back of his neck, suddenly nervous. “Yes, I did. But just Sam, I promise!” Dean rushed to explain, “I trust Sam with my life, Cas. He would never betray my trust and therefore, would never betray you.” Dean paused and then winced, pulling his gaze away from Castiel’s horrified one to look down at the bed. Castiel’s heart skipped a beat as he waited for the next words. “He… may have told Jess, his true mate.” Dean’s eyes snapped back up and he shifted forward, grabbing Castiel’s hand in his own. “But she won’t tell anyone either! I promise you, I would never put you in danger!”

Castiel pulled his hand out of Dean’s grip and scrubbed both of them down his face before he glared at the Alpha. “Jesus, Dean! Do you know what it means to keep a secret?” Castiel sighed and deflated. His body ached with want and he was too hot, too tired to argue. “If you trust them then I trust you… After all, you are my true mate. But it’s very risky for me.”

Castiel felt his heart flutter at the words and watched as the Alpha before him -- his Alpha -- seemed to light up. Slowly, Dean reached for his arm again, tentative, waiting to see if Castiel would accept his advance without pulling away.

Castiel leaned into the touch. He let Dean run his fingers down his arm until he reached his hand, taking it into his own and pulling Castiel closer to him. He felt a wave of heat course through his body as he laid his head on Dean’s shoulder.

“I’ve never done anything like this before. Dean...” Castiel whispered suddenly feeling very nervous. What if he wasn’t any good? What if he couldn't please his mate? He straightened, trying to swallow back the fear now twisting in his gut.

Dean reached up and cupped the side of Castiel’s face, tipping his head slightly so he could meet his lips. Unlike before, the kiss was soft, and Castiel could feel every emotion the Alpha was trying to convey through the kiss. Dean kissed him until they were both breathless and they had fallen back against the bed, the pillow Castiel had been using as a shield forgotten on the ground and their legs intertwined as they lay side by side.

“This will be a first for both of us,” Dean said softly, pressing his lips against Castiel’s forehead, his hands trailing down Castiel’s back and brushing against the curve of his ass. “I’ve never been with a mate before either.”

In response, Castiel wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck, guiding his mouth to Dean’s throat and biting down on his collarbone as a wave of heat washed over him. Castiel relished in the choked off moan it drew from his Alpha. “I know you are trying to comfort me.” He drew back from where his tongue had been soothing the purpling bite mark and looked Dean in the eyes. “But I'm no delicate flower,” a smirk played across Castiel’s lips as he let his fingertips dance across the Alpha’s chest, “as much as I may smell like one. This may be my first heat, my first time, that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m doing. Biology… remember, Dean?” Castiel rolled his hips up and rubbed his hardened length against Dean’s, making both men groan in unison.

“Oh, yeah, I remember.” Dean’s hands moved back to Castiel’s hips, holding them together as he rolled onto his back, pulling Castiel on top of him. Castiel stared down at him for a moment before leaning forward and sealing their lips together. Dean groaned into his mouth, fingers tightening and digging into his flesh.

Castiel arched into Dean’s touch as he ground down against him, feeling fresh slick pulse from his body. “I think I much rather prefer you under me than on top of me, Alpha.” Castiel moaned as he slowly started to rock his hips in Dean’s lap.

Dean groaned back, rolling his hips to meet Castiel’s and nodded his head. “Yeah, I think I am totally on board with this.”

Castiel leaned down and started nipping and sucking on his Alpha’s neck as they continued to gyrate against each other. “Dean, get these pants the rest of the way off me, then take yours off. I want to see you, Alpha, I want to feel all of you.”

Dean complied quickly, dragging Castiel’s sweats the rest of the way down his thighs before Castiel pushed up and gave Dean the room to free him completely. Castiel stayed up on his knees, eyes locked on Dean’s hands as they moved to his own pants, snapping open the button and lifting up to wiggle from the denim.

Castiel knew his eyes widened, he could almost feel the smirk playing out on Dean’s lips, but as the Alpha’s cock sprang free resting hot and hard against his stomach, Castiel felt his mouth water.

He lowered himself back down on top of Dean, gasping when he felt the Alpha’s hard cock slip between his slick soaked ass cheeks. Castiel started swaying back and forth loving the feel of the Alpha’s cock rubbing against him. Dean responded to every movement, matching Castiel’s short thrusts with ones of his own. Castiel leaned back slightly, his entire body on display as he rolled his hips against Dean.

“God, you’re so perfect, Cas,” Dean whispered, moving one of his hands to run up Castiel’s stomach and chest. “You’re fucking gorgeous.”

Castiel ran his hand through Dean’s hair and gripped it tight causing the Alpha to hiss and meet Castiel’s eyes. “You are very sweet, Dean, but right now I don't want sweet. This is my first heat, I want, I need my Alpha to be primal with me. My body craves it, Dean. Don’t you want to give your mate what he needs?”

Dean surged forward, claiming Castiel’s mouth in a bruising kiss. Castiel could taste copper on his tongue and he groaned into Dean’s mouth, briefly wondering if it was him or Dean that was bleeding. The blood seemed to send Dean into a frenzy, and suddenly they were flipped again, Dean pressing Castiel’s body hard into the mattress.

He tore away from Castiel’s mouth, breathing hard, his fingers pressing into Castiel’s chest, holding him in place as he started down the column of his throat, sucking and biting the soft flesh between his teeth. He paused at the juncture of Castiel’s neck and shoulder, sucking hard, and Castiel felt his heart skip a beat, heat surging through his entire body as it recognized the spot.

It was the spot where Dean would mark him, claim him as his Omega, as his mate. Castiel bared his neck and gave Dean more room to lick, bite, and suck his milky white flesh. Dean groaned against his throat, bruising the skin with his teeth without claiming him yet. Castiel ignored the slight sting of disappointment and focused on wrapping his legs around Dean’s waist to pull him in closer, his fingers threading through Dean’s hair to push him down so he would bite harder.

Dean’s teeth tightened, but didn’t break the skin, and the pleasure of the pain zinged through the Omega’s body. Castiel felt himself responding, his body becoming slicker, and he gripped the back of Dean’s head, pulling the Alpha off of his neck so he could smash their lips together again in a frenzied kiss, all teeth and tongue. Dean groaned into his mouth, biting down on Castiel’s bottom lip and the Omega could feel his skin break. He cried out as Dean sucked it into his mouth, drawing blood from it. It was primal, it drove his Alpha wild, and Castiel wanted more.

“Fuck, Cas.” Dean’s tongue trailed along Castiel’s lower lip, dragging the blood with it. He kissed Castiel softly before pulling back and smiling down at him. The Alpha’s teeth and lips were stained with Castiel’s blood and the sight before him sent another wave of pleasure and want through him. Dean’s cock twitched against Castiel’s stomach. “Your heat is sending me into a rut.” He hissed as Castiel reached forward to wrap his fingers around the Alpha’s dick. “Want you so fucking bad.”

Castiel spread his legs wider, letting Dean settle between them. “Good,” he answered, angling his hips up to give Dean a better view of his slick soaked skin. “I want you to taste me, Dean. I want you to lick my slick hole, just like you were going to that day at your house. I want to feel the warm press of your tongue against me, Alpha.”

“Fuck,” Dean whispered back and kissed him hard, once, twice, before moving back down Castiel’s body. He took his time, as much time as he could in their frenzied state, and pressed his mouth over every inch of Castiel’s body he passed on his way down. He settled between Castiel’s spread thighs, breathing in deep, and groaned as he glanced back up and locked eyes with Castiel. “You smell so fucking good.”

“Bet I taste better.”

Dean’s eyes widened, his green eyes nearly all black now. Castiel canted his hips, “Why don’t you see for yourself, Alpha?”

That was all it took for Dean to surge forward, his hands shoving Castiel’s legs wider to the point where it was almost painful. Then Dean buried his nose just beneath Castiel’s balls and his tongue was pressed hot and wet against his skin. Dean hummed his approval from between Castiel’s legs, the vibrations sending small shockwaves of pleasure through his lover’s body.

“Fuck!” Castiel shouted, his back bowing off the bed at the warm press of his Alpha’s tongue. “Jesus fucking Christ, Dean! God that feels amazing.” Castiel groaned and pressed his ass back against Dean’s face.

Castiel felt as Dean’s fingers dug in harder against the muscles of his thighs, as his tongue pressed deeper into his body. His entire body felt like it was on fire, everything centered around the warm drag of Dean’s tongue moving slowly across his skin, licking up every drop of slick he leaked, and pressing into his body. He never really thought about what it would feel like, had only had his own fingers down there a few times, but Dean’s tongue slowly stretching out his hole felt amazing.

Castiel moaned and gripped the bed sheets as he threw his head back onto the pillow. “More Dean,” Castiel panted. “More, give me more, Alpha.”

Dean groaned against Castiel's skin, his tongue pressing deeper into Castiel's slick soaked hole. Like everything the Alpha did, Castiel knew Dean was giving it everything he had. His skin was on fire, Dean's touch the only thing that could cool him, and he craved it like his own personal drug.

"Taste so good," Dean moaned and moved back slightly, licking the slick from his lips and chin. "Better than I could've imagined." He shifted, kissing over Castiel's thighs and hips before he sucked the Omega's swollen cock down in one smooth motion, hollowing his cheeks as the head of Castiel's dick hit the back of his throat.

Castiel cried out as soon as Dean’s lips sealed around his swollen flesh. He could feel the vibrations flow through his overly sensitive body as Dean hummed around his cock. Castiel's toes curled as the Alpha bobbed his head up and down at a languid pace, running his tongue across the slit to gather the precome that beaded at the tip.

Castiel felt Dean's fingers run up his thighs, teasing his balls before he slid them lower in between the Omega's slick ass cheeks. Dean circled Castiel's wet hole with his middle finger and the Omega gasped as it quivered at the Alpha's touch.

Dean took his time opening Castiel up nice and slow, twisting his fingers slowly in and out, the way eased by the amount of slick. His mouth continued to work Castiel over and when Castiel looked down, he groaned at the sight. Dean's own cock was heavy, hanging down between his legs and the Alpha was rutting against the mattress, desperate for some friction. Castiel could tell his rut was amping up, becoming in tune to Castiel’s wants and needs.

Heat coursed through Castiel as he watched his Alpha roll his hips against the bed. He wanted, God he needed Dean. He needed his Alpha's knot. As good as this felt he needed more to put out the fire raging through his body.

"Dean, Dean," Castiel panted as the Alpha crooked his fingers and ran the pads of them over the Omega's prostate. "Dean, look at me... look at me, Alpha." Dean ran his tongue from the base of Castiel's cock to the tip and met his eyes as his tongue dipped into the slit. The Omega groaned low and dirty before he spoke, his voice cracking. "Dean, I need you… all of you."

Dean nodded, slowly withdrawing his fingers and sucking the slick off each of them before he moved up Castiel's body to kiss him again. Castiel wasn't entirely sure how this would work. He'd seen enough movies and heard his brother's talk about all the Omegas and Betas they'd fucked to know the basics. As he moved to roll over, Dean's hands tightened on his hips and held him in place as he shook his head. “I won't take you like that Cas, not for our first time.”

The Alpha slid his hands around Castiel's thighs, guiding his legs around his body, and lifting Castiel's hips in the process. Dean ran his hand though the Omega’s ass and coated his cock up before he lined himself up. The Alpha's cock was hot against Castiel's entrance, and as they locked eyes, Dean slowly pushed forward, bottoming out in one long thrust.

Blyad,” Castiel groaned at the thick intrusion completely filling him. He flexed his inner muscles, tightening them around Dean’s cock. Dean gripped Castiel’s hips and withdrew slowly to the tip before pushing back in up to the hilt. The Omega noticed how Dean’s eyes trailed down their joined bodies to watch where Dean and himself were connected.

“How does it look Alpha,” Castiel moaned as Dean started moving his hips. “How does your thick cock look disappearing into my tight, slick hole?"

Castiel loved how Dean continued the languid roll of his hips, causing small breathy sighs to spill from his lips. He loved the way Dean’s lids were hooded, the way he was biting his lower lip as he continued to watch his cock slide in and out of Castiel's hole.

Dean groaned, shoving in hard and pausing to meet Castiel’s eyes. “It’s so fucking hot, watching you take all of me. You’re so good…”

The heat pulsed through Castiel’s veins. He needed harder, faster, primal. Castiel growled and wrapped his legs tighter around Dean’s waist before he shoved and flipped them. He loomed over the wide eyed Alpha, who was clearly shocked by Castiel's actions, and clenched his body tight around Dean.

“Cas? What--”

Castiel crashed their lips together, silencing the Alpha, as he straddled his mate. “Alpha,” Castiel panted against his mate's lips, grinding his ass down onto Dean’s crotch and soaking him with slick.

Dean gripped Castiel's hips and rutted up, his cock sliding in between Castiel's ass cheeks. He removed one of his hands from Castiel's hips and reached down to grip his cock. “Fuck me, Castiel. Take my knot.”

Castiel positioned himself and slick pulsed from his body, coating his Alpha’s dick and easing the way as he slowly sank down on Dean’s cock. Castiel threw his head back and moaned once he was fully seated on his mate’s cock. “Vy chuvstvuyete kak nebo, Dean.”

It truly felt amazing and Castiel found himself wondering why he had never done this before, why he had denied himself this pleasure for years.

“God you're beautiful like this,” Dean whispered, running his fingers down Castiel’s chest. “You look so perfect on top of me.”

Castiel rolled his hips, swaying back and forth before he began to move up and down. Dean planted his feet on the bed, Castiel’s hands moving back to give himself leverage to raise up, almost slipping off of Dean completely, before sinking back down. “You look so good opening up for me, slick pouring from you and coating my cock.”

Castiel lifted back up slowly and then slammed himself down onto Dean’s cock, making himself cry out as his eyes rolling back into his head. He realized, through the small shock waves of pleasure, that Dean’s cock had struck his prostate, and God it felt wonderful. He wanted to feel that again and again. “Yebat’ da tak chertovski khorosho.”

Dean groaned, his hands sliding up Castiel’s thighs and digging into the corded muscle. “God, it's hot when you speak Russian. I don't know what you are saying, but it's sexy as fuck.”

Castiel smirked as he leaned down and ran his tongue across his mate’s lips before whispering against them, “Ya sobirayus' yezdit' vash petukh zhestkiy i bystryy, poka vy ne zavyazyvat' menya i nasos menya polno prikhodyat.”

Dean bit Castiel’s bottom lip, pulling it into his mouth gently, and sucking it before he let it go. “Tell me what you just said, Cas.”

Castiel nuzzled his mate's neck, scenting him, letting the aroma of pine and cinnamon quell his rising heat. “I said, ‘I'm going to ride your cock hard and fast until you knot me and pump me full of come’.”

Dean’s grip tightened on Castiel's thighs. “I think that is an excellent idea, Cas.”

Castiel straightened back up and splayed his hands across Dean’s chest. He started to bounce up and down on Dean's cock, hitting his prostate over and over. Castiel's cock throbbed and dripped precome, it pooled on Dean's stomach as he continued to ride his Alpha.

“Cas, Cas, God yes! Fuck!” Dean gasped as Castiel slammed his ass down onto Dean’s cock, the sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room as he thrust down harshly.

Castiel’s breath hitched as Dean’s knot began to fill, his eyes widened as he felt it catch against his rim. Castiel moaned breathlessly, “Da da uzel menya!”

“Fuck Cas,” Dean panted. “My knot is swelling, do you feel it? It's going to pump you full of come, just like you wanted.”

Castiel moaned and Dean’s hands slid up his body, gripping his mate’s hips tightly as he rutted up into him. Dean’s cock slipped in and out of Castiel’s hole, making a filthy wet squelching sound. Castiel was balancing on a fine line between pain and pleasure and he dug his fingernails into Dean’s chest, pinpricks of blood rising to the surface in the wake of his scratches.

“Harder, harder, faster!” Castiel demanded, fucking back onto Dean’s cock in time with the Alpha’s thrusts beneath him. Dean let out a feral growl, his knot popping past Castiel’s rim completely and locking them together. Castiel cried out as he felt the stretch, felt the way the Alpha’s cock throbbed inside of him, felt the release of Dean’s first load of come. Dean continued to roll his hips, his cock pulsing and pressing against Castiel’s prostate. Dean moved, but before he could wrap his long fingers around Castiel’s cock, he was coming, painting Dean’s chest with his release in long, hot stripes.

Castiel collapsed on top of Dean, feeling their hearts beating in tandem. Dean reached up and began to card his fingers back through Castiel's sweaty hair. “That was amazing Cas, you’re amazing.”

Castiel hummed and nuzzled Dean’s throat. “It was rather amazing, Dean. You felt… fantastic.”

Castiel laid there on top his mate feeling overwhelmed; he was overwhelmed by the Alpha’s knot locked tight inside of his body, pulsing, still pumping him full of his mate's come, overwhelmed by the way Dean’s seed cooled his heat, overwhelmed by the feeling of Dean’s hands on him. But most of all, this revelation hit him like a freight train as his breath was nearly knocked out of him, he was overwhelmed by how deeply he felt for Dean.

“Let's sleep, Cas, before your next wave of heat hits,” Dean whispered by his ear as he rubbed his hand down Castiel's back.

“Good idea, moy ideal'nyy Al'fa.” Castiel mumbled into his mate's shoulder as his eyes fell shut. He felt his entire body relax, sated from the brain-meltingly satisfying sex. Dean reached down, moving as little as possible so his knot wouldn’t pull, and grabbed the sheet to pull over them. Castiel let the calming scent of their intermingling scents lull him to sleep as he laid knotted on top his mate.

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