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18 November 2016 @ 07:13 pm
Poisk Istiny [Finding Truth] - Chapter Five B  

Rufus’ & Bobby’s Hunting Cabin
1572 Quaker Village Road
Weybridge, Vermont

Dean stepped out of the downstairs shower. He’d left Castiel soaking in the large bathtub off their bedroom, the Omega wanted the water much too cool for Dean’s tastes. He dried off quickly and could feel the underlying buzz of his rut just beneath his skin. Normally, they would have an hour, maybe two at most, before he and Castiel would be tangled up in the sheets again but something told Dean this was it.

Dean smiled to himself as he wrapped the towel around his waist and stood before the oversized mirror above the vanity. His skin looked flushed and as his gaze trailed down, he could see small bruises and red marks from his mate’s teeth and nails.

He smirked as he raised his left hand, letting his fingers trail over the newest marks on his throat. He could still feel Castiel moving against him, fucking back onto Dean as good as Dean was giving it. It had been five days since Dean arrived at the cabin and three since Castiel was begging for Dean to claim him.

Despite everything inside of his body screaming at him to, to mate, to claim and to breed his mate, Dean held back. He forced himself to kiss Castiel’s throat, untrusting himself to even put his teeth against his skin. It drove the Omega mad.

Last night Dean had seen Castiel fall apart, something he hadn’t anticipated seeing… ever.

“Please, Dean, pozhaluysta.” Castiel twisted against the sheets as Dean rolled his hips lazily, dragging out breathy moans from the Omega beneath him that made Dean wish they never had to stop.

“What, Cas? What do you need?” Dean let his fingertips trail down Castiel’s chest, down his stomach, just ghosting over his cock, hot and heavy where it lay neglected against his stomach.

“You, Dean,” Castiel groaned, arching up as much as he could from where Dean’s body was pinning him down. He reached for Dean, fingernails digging into Dean’s stomach as they gasped in tandem when Dean’s knot began to catch. “I want to be yours, I want you to bite me. Make me yours, Alpha. I want the world to know that I belong to you.”

Dean groaned, letting his forehead fall against Castiel’s shoulder as he rocked his hips harder against his mate’s body. “Cas…” he whispered against his skin. “You know I want to…”

“Then do it, Dean! Do it! I’m literally begging you, Alpha.”

“I know.” Dean pulled back slightly, finding Castiel’s lips and kissing him softly as his hand came around Castiel’s cock and started stripping him in time with his hips. And Dean did know, Dean wanted that, too. If Dean were to be honest, he’d probably always wanted that, the thought lingering in the back of his mind from their first meeting.

But in the past five days, Dean had gotten to know Castiel better. In between heats they’d talked about their lives, their childhoods, what the fucked up sense of normalcy being raised by a mob boss was like before they even hit puberty. He learned about Castiel’s dreams, his silent wishes and dreams for his Bratva and for himself. Mostly, Dean knew without a doubt how important his family was to Castiel, and that… that could all be ruined in a heat-clouded rash decision to be officially claimed.

There would be no hiding his Omega status after a mating bond.

No amounts of perfume, no amounts of suppressants would hide Castiel’s true gender after he was claimed. He would belong to Dean, as much as Dean would belong to him, and it hurt Dean’s heart to think of Castiel having to give up any part of his life, his family, because of something Dean chose to do.

As they locked together, Castiel spilt between their stomachs with a cry, his entire body tightening around Dean and milking his knot for all he was worth. Dean gasped against Castiel’s bared throat and kissed him gently, feeling the disappointment causing his mate’s body to stiffen.

They lay locked together in the dark, their breathing evening out together. Dean shifted gently, folding their bodies together in a different way so they would be comfortable until his knot deflated.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered after a moment and felt Castiel turn his head away.

“Just go to sleep, Dean,” Castiel replied, and Dean knew that if they had been separated, the Omega’s arms would be crossed and he would be walking out of the room before Dean could even open his mouth to say anything in his defense. Dean rolled the words around on his tongue -- you have to understand, I would if I could, I don’t believe this is what you want-- but he swallowed them down and buried his face against his mate’s chest, breathing in deep, and let himself fall asleep to the rise and fall of Castiel’s chest.

When the morning had come, Castiel untangled himself from Dean’s body and was all the way on the edge of the bed, sitting up with his legs dangling over the side. He turned his head when he realized Dean was awake and the sunlight that poured through the large bay window cast a beautiful golden glow over the side of his face and spilled down his back.

Dean swallowed hard, realization hitting him hard. He was in love with Castiel Krushnic.

He could scent that Castiel’s heat was amping up, getting ready for another round. It was Castiel wordlessly climbing back on the bed and guiding Dean behind him, refusing to turn around and arching his hips back to present to his Alpha, that let Dean know he was still mad.

When Dean’s knot had deflated enough for them to separate, he brushed sweaty hair out of Castiel’s eyes and kissed his forehead gently. “I’ll run you a bath, okay?”

Da, spasibo, Dean,” Castiel hummed back, his body relaxed and sated. While the bath ran, Dean stripped the bed and got everything in the washer like he’d been doing every morning --thank you, Bobby for having a million sheet sets-- and then went to take his own shower.

He hadn’t heard the bathtub drain, and as he stood at the bottom of the stairs he could still hear the jets going in the bathroom. He turned and made his way to the large kitchen, hoping that making Castiel something to eat and tidying up the cabin would quell the Omega’s frustration a little bit.

Dean found an old beat up boom box beneath the sink and was just grateful the two older Alpha’s had something that would play music. He fiddled with the antenna for a few minutes, trying to get reception for WIZN, Classic Rock That Really Rocks!, before he opened up the large windows that overlooked the lake.

Satisfied that the breeze would help air out some of the overpowering scent of sex, Dean turned back to the kitchen and started pulling out supplies to make breakfast. On the second day, when their heat and rut had abated some, Dean made a quick ride into town to get a full load of groceries for the week. He had barely been able to get everything in the fridge before he had his arms full of horny Omega and found himself knotted in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Dean smiled fondly at the memory, letting his hand run over the countertop where he had Castiel bent over as he licked him open, and chuckled as he remembered the matching bruises they had on their hips from trying to get comfortable on the hard tile floor.

As Dean was measuring out the boxed mix for pancakes, Bon Jovi came on the radio. He paused and glanced over his shoulder as he leaned back, giving himself a view of the stairs. Castiel had yet to come down, and was either still in his bath or trying to decide if he should still be mad at Dean.

Dean cleared his throat, cracked a few eggs into the bowl, and started to whisk the batter. “I ain’t got a fever, got a permanent disease… And it’ll take more than a doctor to prescribe a remedy.”

He paused, listening, but the only sounds in the kitchen were the old radio and the sizzling of butter in the cast iron skillet on the stove. Dean cleared his throat again and started tapping his foot as he started pouring the batter into the pan.

“Now, this boy’s addicted ‘cause your kiss is the drug. Whooooa!” Dean flipped the first pancake and then lifted the spatula up to use as a microphone. Bon Jovi never failed to put him in a good mood. “Your love is like a bad medicine, bad medicine is what I need! Whoooa! Shake it up just like a bad medicine, there ain’t no doctor that can cure my disease!”

Dean had a plate full of pancakes, and was proud of himself for not burning any of them when he got too into singing the song instead of checking on his skillet. “I need a respirator ‘cause I’m running out of breath! You’re an all-night generator wrapped in stockings and a dress. When you find your medicine, you take what you can get. ‘Cause if there’s something better bab-”

Dean turned towards the fridge for the breakfast sausage he knew was in there and stopped short, his eyes wide as he saw Castiel had come down stairs at some point and was leaning against the fridge in a pair of Dean’s sweatpants, his arms crossed over his bare chest.

“Um.” Eloquent, Dean.

“Bon Jovi? Really?” Castiel snorted, pushing away from the fridge so Dean could get into it. “I’ll have you know I will never be wearing ‘stockings’ or a ‘dress’.”

“I will have you know that Bon Jovi is fantastic. On occasion.” Dean reached into the fridge and grabbed the package, hesitating only a moment before he leaned over and pressed his lips against Castiel’s. “I am making food, but there’s a mug on the counter for you and I made a fresh pot of coffee.”

Dean watched as Castiel moved around the kitchen, pouring himself coffee and then crossing into the living area, turning down the radio just slightly as he sank down into the large, oversized chair beside it. He crossed his legs and his foot bounced along to the last chords of ‘Bad Medicine’ and Dean smirked as he turned back to finishing their breakfast.

When he carried two plates loaded with sausages and pancakes over to the small breakfast table, Castiel had already finished his coffee. Dean took his mug and replenished their coffees before they sank into a comfortable silence as they ate their breakfast.

This was nice. Dean couldn’t think of anyone-- other than Sam-- that he could be truly comfortable with sitting in complete silence.

“My heat is over.”

Dean looked up, but Castiel’s eyes were trained on something out the window, his fork hovering over his plate. Dean opened his mouth and then shut it, unsure of where the conversation was headed. It was quiet for another moment, then Castiel added, “Maybe you could tell me now why you don’t want me.”

Castiel cringed, but kept looking out the window, and Dean knew he was probably cursing himself internally for sounding so needy. Dean sighed softly, putting his fork down to the side of his plate.

“Cas… How could you think that was even a possibility?” Dean shifted in his seat, trying to catch the Omega’s gaze.

Castiel met Dean’s eyes and the Alpha could see the fire in them. “I don't know, Dean. How about the fact that I begged you --something the Pakhan of the Kruchnic Bratva would never do, something I would never do-- for three goddamn days and you turned me down every single time, and I was in heat! How could you resist your true mate who was in heat and begging you to make them yours?” Castiel sighed and Dean watched as the fire in his eyes burned out. “Is there something wrong with me? Am I defective, a bad Omega? Do you not want me? Just tell me Dean.”

“Christ, Cas, no.” Dean pushed away from the table and moved around it, falling to his knees beside Castiel’s chair and grabbing his legs to turn him. Castiel put up a bit of a fight, but finally relaxed and let Dean crawl between his legs. “You’re fucking perfect, Castiel. And that’s why I told you no.”

Castiel snorted and rolled his eyes. “That is a stupid reason, Dean. If I was so perfect you would have claimed me the first night.”

Dean gave a small smile and laid his head down on Castiel’s knee. “No, Cas, you don’t get it.” He looked back up and reached for his mate’s hand, squeezing it between both of his. “I lo… I like who you are, Castiel. You are strong, and smart, and powerful. You are the Pakhan. I… I don’t want to be the reason you lose all of that.”

Castiel ran his hand through Dean’s hair and raised an eyebrow. “Dean, I don’t plan on losing anything. I’m still going to be Pakhan. My gender has never defined me thus far and it sure as hell isn’t going to start now, mate or not.”

“But Cas… once we claim each other, you can’t hide your scent. When we bond, we will take on each other’s scents, everyone will know that we are together, and they will know that you’re an Omega.” Dean shook his head, squeezing Castiel’s thighs in what he hoped was reassurance. The fact that his mate had gone days believing he wasn’t good enough, made something nasty curl in Dean’s stomach.

Castiel smirked down at his Alpha. “Dean you haven’t had the pleasure, or displeasure depending on if you are on his good side, of meeting Crowley. He’s my doctor, has been since my father found out how I was going to present. He has access to things you couldn’t even dream up, and some of which… trust me you wouldn’t want to. He can get us medications and colognes that can hide our mated scents. No one we wouldn’t want knowing would need to know.”

Dean nodded slowly, letting Castiel’s words sink in. If it was true, if this Crowley person could actually get Castiel suppressants of a sort to hide their mated scents and his, too, Dean supposed, then nothing in Castiel’s life would have to change. Dean nodded again, trying to force himself to answer, to tell his mate that it sounded perfect. But what came out was nothing Dean gave his mouth permission to say. “I would have to pretend like you meant nothing to me around everyone we see every single day. You would act like I was nothing to you. So, we could be together, but I would be like a dirty little secret.”

Dean felt Castiel stiffen in his chair. “Am I to choose then? Is that what you would have me do Dean? My true mate or my family. I know the situation isn’t ideal, Dean, but I hurt when I am not with you and now that I have had you I can’t walk away… Can you?” Castiel paused, taking a deep breath and Dean buried his face against his stomach, not wanting to look up, not wanting to see the pain in his mate’s eyes. “I wish things were different. I wish I could be with you openly, but you know that's not a possibility right now. So we have to work with the options we have, for now.”

Dean exhaled slowly and finally pulled back to sit on his heels. “I think…” he stopped, knowing that what he was going to say wasn’t going to go over well with his mate. “Castiel… a mating bond isn’t going to change what we are, not really. We are true mates, it’s already a sure thing, so maybe…” he trailed off as Castiel pinned him with an icy blue stare. From the kitchen, Dean could hear his cell phone buzzing against the countertop and they stayed frozen, listening to it move its way around until the call and vibration stopped. “Maybe we should think about it.”

Castiel furrowed his brows and tilted his head slightly to the side. Dean watched as Castiel's eyes trailed over him slow and predatory and he had to suppress a shiver. Castiel leaned down to where his face was so close to Dean’s that the Alpha could feel his hot breath ghosting across his lips. “I have thought about it. I want you Dean. And as Pakhan, I am used to getting what I want, Alpha. So, believe me when I say we will not be leaving this cabin without wearing each other's marks,” Castiel stated, resolute in his words.

“Cas…” Dean whispered, licking his lower lip. Castiel pressed closer and Dean could feel his body responding to his mate’s scent, his closeness, and it had nothing to do with Castiel’s heat or Dean’s rut. He looked up and met his mate’s eyes, clear and free of his heat and Dean nodded. “Okay. I will give you what you want, whatever you want. I just… I want you to be happy, Cas. I want to make you happy and to be a good mate. I don’t want to hide. Whenever I pictured myself mated, it was never like this… but I understand, and I’ll do it. For you.”

Castiel ran his hand across Dean’s face. “I want to be a good mate to you, Dean, and to make you happy also. So... let’s change things. We are the head of our families, we have the power to start making that change. An Omega can’t run a family because they’re ‘too emotional’, ‘making rash judgements based on their heat cycles’, ‘can’t handle telling an Alpha what to do’. Well, we both know how much of a load of shit that is, don’t we? We can make that change, make people realize that gender doesn’t matter as much as they think.” He gazed deep into Dean’s eyes. He saw surprise and wariness and then acceptance.

“I have made my mind up.” Cas took Dean’s face in his hands, “I don’t want to hide anymore Dean, and I definitely don’t want to hide you. I don’t want you to be my ‘dirty little secret.’ You're my true mate, my Alpha, and I…” Castiel stopped suddenly and gave a small nervous laugh, making Dean’s stomach flip. “I just want to be with you,” he finished softly.

Dean surged up to his knees again, crashing his lips against Castiel’s and silencing anything else that might have come from either of their lips. Castiel was right. It didn’t matter if they had to hide their mating for a little while, if it took time to get the Bratva to come around to the fact that their Pakhan was an Omega. What mattered was them, was being together, and Dean wanted nothing more than that.

He’d found his mate, his true mate, and he was luckier than half the SOBs he knew. He would do everything in his power to show Castiel how lucky he was to have found him, all obstacles in their way be damned.

Suddenly, Dean was nervous. They’d been mating nearly non-stop for the past five days, had spent more time knotted together than they had been separated it seemed, and yet this felt different. There was a dark part of Dean that was whispering in his ear that Castiel only wanted him because of his heat and Dean was afraid that if he lay himself bare, Castiel would not be there with him.

Swallowing back the sudden bile in his throat, Dean forced himself to lean back and meet Castiel’s eyes. The Omega before him was staring down at him, his eyes bright and clear. Dean let his hands trail up Cas’ legs, guiding them around his waist before he grabbed Castiel’s ass cheeks in his hands and stood, lifting his mate into the air.

Castiel clung to him, uncharacteristically silent as Dean led them through the bottom floor of the cabin, their breakfast left forgotten and the radio playing some sappy Aerosmith song. Dean took the stairs two at a time, dropping Cas gently onto the bed when he reached it. The Omega scooted up the bed immediately, falling back into the pillows and motioning for Dean to follow.

Dean smirked and slid the robe from his shoulders, letting it pool onto the floor at his feet before he crawled onto the bed and hovered over Castiel’s body. Castiel’s hands immediately rose to run over Dean’s bare chest and shoulders, pulling him down into a kiss. Dean felt his body responding, his skin singing out for his mate, and he rolled his hips down to press against Castiel’s body.

“I think, I’m a little overdressed.” Castiel smirked and Dean laughed, finding his lips again. They kissed hard, slow, all tongues and teeth as they freed Castiel from his clothing and were able to explore each other’s bodies for the first time without the frenzy of Cas’ heat and Dean’s rut.

Dean was attuned to every press of his fingertips against Castiel’s skin that made the Omega gasp and moan, every scratch of his nails that made his mate stiffen and tighten his legs around him, seconds away from begging for more. He memorized Castiel’s breaths, knew which ones meant ‘more’, ‘oh god’, ‘too much’, and Dean swallowed each one of them, committed them to memory.

He mapped out every inch of his mate’s skin, kissed and licked as he made his way down Castiel’s body. He had his mate a quivering mess beneath him, his shoulders marked up from Cas’ nails digging into his flesh.

“Dean, Dean please,” Castiel whined and Dean groaned at the sound, burying his nose against his mate’s throat. “I need you,” Castiel whispered, his voice cracking, and Dean knew the confession hadn’t come easy.

He swallowed hard, pulling back to meet Cas’ eyes, and kissed him softly. “I know, Cas. I need you, too.”

With eyes locked, Castiel soundlessly spread his legs, lifting his hips and locking his legs over Dean’s hips. Dean shifted, pressing forward, and slid smoothly into his mate until they were flush together. Castiel’s body was hot, wet and tight around him and Dean took a moment to appreciate the feel of his mate’s body beneath him.

“Cas, you feel--”

“Perfect, I know.” Castiel smirked, squeezing his thighs against Dean’s hips and arching up. Dean groaned as he shifted deeper. “I’ll feel even better when you start to move.”

Dean chuckled back and started to move, rocking his hips slowly, sliding in and out of Castiel’s body. They found a steady rhythm, hips moving in time with one another, hands roaming down backs and across sides, fingers pressing and pulling as they came together. His mouth found Castiel’s again and he licked his way inside, pressing every feeling, every thought, into his lover.

Castiel gasped against his mouth as Dean’s knot began to swell, the engorged flesh catching against Castiel’s tight rim. Dean moaned back, pulling back to pant against Cas’ mouth as he started to thrust harder into his mate’s body.

“Cas,” Dean whispered and Castiel clung back to him, fingernails digging into the corded muscles of Dean’s shoulders as he bared his throat.

“Dean, please.” Castiel arched up as Dean thrust forward, groaning as he locked them together and spilled deep inside of his mate. He reached between them, wrapping his fingers around Castiel’s cock, giving his mate a quick squeeze before he started stroking his skin quickly. He rolled his hips, pressing his knot deeper, looking for the spot inside of his mate that would send him over the edge. “Dean!”

Castiel cried out and Dean surged forward, sinking his teeth into the muscle just above Castiel’s clavicle. Heat flooded Dean’s mouth and he moaned as the taste of blood hit his tongue. Castiel cried out again and coated Dean’s hand and their stomachs with his release, his entire body tightening around Dean’s body like a vice.

“Cas,” Dean groaned against Cas’ skin, sucking the blood that had spilled down his chest into his mouth. He pulled back and bared his own throat to Castiel. “Bite me.”

Castiel snorted at Dean’s choice of words but pushed up, wrapping his arm around Dean’s shoulder and his other holding his head into place. He nuzzled his nose against Dean’s flesh for a second before he found his spot and bit down, piercing the top of Dean’s shoulder. There was a quick flare of pain before his entire body relaxed and he released another load of come into his mate.

Dean groaned when he looked down at Cas, his blood staining his mate’s mouth. He closed the gap between them and ran his tongue across Cas’ lips, the metallic taste exploded in his mouth as he began to kiss his mate fervidly. When his lungs screamed for air he pulled back and rested his forehead against Castiel’s. “How do you feel, Cas?”

Castiel hummed and nuzzled at the mark, his mark, on Dean. “I feel complete, moy ideal'nyy Al'fa.”

Dean smiled against his mate’s throat scenting him, loving how Castiel’s orange blossom scent was laced with traces of pine and cinnamon, loving how he knew he smelled the same way and that they would always smell that way.

“Me too, Cas. Me too, my strong Omega.”

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