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18 November 2016 @ 07:18 pm
Poisk Istiny [Finding Truth] - Chapter Six B  

Rufus’ & Bobby’s Hunting Cabin
1572 Quaker Village Road
Weybridge, Vermont

“Well that went well, I think.” Dean sighed as he shut and locked the cabin door behind them, following Castiel into the living room.

Castiel laughed as he placed the burgers and fries they picked up from the diner in town on the coffee table, shaking his head as he sat down. “I’m sorry about the intense interrogation... Gabriel can really get into it.”

Dean raised an eyebrow, sinking down next to his mate. “Ya think? I especially loved the numerous death threats with the explicit detail about all the ways he could kill me in between the completely inappropriate questions about our sex life.”

Castiel shook his head with a smirk playing on his lips. “Like he would need to kill you if you hurt me,” he snorted, “I'm plenty capable of doing it myself.”

Dean snorted and pulled Castiel into his arms, kissing him soundly before asking, “Do you want to eat in here while we watch TV?”

Castiel nodded, pulling the styrofoam containers closer to him so he could start opening them. “You go grab us a couple sodas and I will get our food ready.”

“Bossy Omega,” Dean muttered under his breath as he walked into the kitchen.

“What was that?” Castiel called out, smirking to himself as he popped open the second container.

Dean looked over his shoulder as he opened the refrigerator door, meeting Castiel’s eyes from the doorway. “I said, ‘okay sweetheart’.”

Castiel raised an eyebrow. “Mhm, that's what I thought you said.”

Dean joined Castiel on the couch and turned on the TV. He flipped through the channels, settling on reruns of Breaking Bad with a laugh. They ate in a comfortable silence and after the food was gone and the trash thrown away, Castiel curled up against his mate and took in his scent, letting it wash away all of his worries from Crowley coming to do an examination on him, to his problems with Bellamo and the traitors he had in the Bratva. For a short while he wanted to pretend this was his life-- normal and carefree, take out burgers and drama television.

Castiel wrapped his arms around Dean's waist and snuggled closer, laying his head on his mate's shoulder. He nuzzled his mark on Dean’s throat before gently tracing it with his tongue. Dean huffed a small laugh. “What’re you doing?”

Castiel tipped his head up and ran his tongue along the shell of Dean’s ear before he replied, “We have a couple hours before Crowley gets here, I was trying to find a good way to pass the time.”

“Are you seducing me, Cas?” Dean asked in an amused tone.

Castiel huffed against the Alpha’s throat. “Apparently I'm not doing a very good job if you have to ask me, Little Alpha.”

Dean growled in response and took hold of Castiel's hand, running it down his chest and over his hard cock trapped in his jeans. “Oh I would say you are doing just fine.” Dean moved Castiel's hand up and down his shaft. “And as you can tell, there is nothing little about this Alpha.”

Castiel bit down hard on Dean’s throat just under his mark, drawing a hiss and then a groan from his mate. “Don't brag Dean, it's unbecoming.”

Castiel gasped as Dean gripped him hard and pulled him into his lap, Castiel's legs bracketing his mate's thighs. Dean wrapped his arms around Castiel's shoulders and pulled him into a bruising kiss that left them both breathless. “That's only if what you're bragging about isn't worth it. But clearly Cas, this--” Dean gripped Castiel's hips and rutted upwards, rubbing his hard cock against the Omega’s ass, “-- is worth bragging about.”

Castiel's eyes fluttered closed and a moan escaped his lips.

“Does that feel good, Cas?”

“Cocky Alpha,” Castiel replied, his voice cracking slightly with arousal.

Dean ran his hands up his mate's thighs, smirking as he did. “Yeah, and you know you love it... You know it turns you on.”

Castiel gripped Dean’s shirt and pulled them flush together, their faces mere inches apart. “Don't push it, puppy.”

Dean growled and gripped Castiel's hips again controlling his motions, making the Omega gyrate against his crotch. “A puppy couldn't fuck you as good as I do, baby.”

“And how do you know you were good Alpha?” Castiel teased breathlessly as he felt the first wave of slick leak from his hole. From the way Dean scented the air and growled again, the Omega knew he smelled it too.

“You did. The way you begged for my cock, for my knot. The way you screamed my name and told me to fuck you harder and faster. The way you get so damn wet for me, like you are now. I can smell you, Cas, so turned on for me already. That's how I know I was a good Alpha for you, your body told me all I needed to know.” Dean ran his hands from Castiel's hips to his ass, fingers pressing against the huge wet spot where his slick had soaked his jeans.

Dean groaned and looked up at Castiel, meeting his eyes. “I want you so bad, Cas. Tell me what you want. I will give it to you, I will give you anything.”

“You,” Castiel replied, the teasing long forgotten as his body began to thrum with want, with need. “I want you, Alpha.”

Dean growled and stood up lifting Castiel into the air. Castiel immediately wrapped his arms and legs around his mate as Dean carried him to their bedroom and dropped Castiel onto the bed before pouncing on top of him and ravaging his mate's mouth.

Castiel moaned as slick gushed from his hole. They moved in a frenzy, both of them fighting to get the other’s shirt off first. As Castiel tugged Dean’s shirt, buttons broke free and skittered across the hardwood floor, and Castiel broke the kiss, breathing heavily as he met his mate’s wide, lust filled eyes. Dean groaned once and leaned forward, kissing down Castiel’s jaw, nipping and sucking marks against his skin.

Castiel clawed at Dean’s shoulders, arching his body up against his mate’s. “Alpha, I want you. I want your cock in me, filling me up. I need it, need you, Alpha.”

Castiel whined as Dean scented his throat, nosing at his mark before he shifted back and pulled off the Omega’s pants and boxer briefs before throwing them across the room. Dean pushed Castiel's legs apart and began kneading his ass cheeks, spreading them wide. Dean slipped both his thumbs into the Omega's hole, spreading it open, watching as slick poured out of him.

Dean rumbled low as he leaned in and began licking Castiel's opening, moaning against his skin. “You taste so good Cas, so sweet and delicious. I could eat you out for hours, ‘til you came over and over again, until you begged for me to fuck you.”

Castiel groaned and reached down, gripping Dean’s hair as he spread his legs wider, making his mate’s tongue go deeper. Fresh slick gushed from his body and Dean happily swallowed it down. The Alpha nipped at Castiel's thighs, licking his lips as he looked up to meet his eyes. “So hot for me Cas,” Dean praised as he moved to strip off his own pants and boxer briefs, his swollen cock bobbing free and leaking pre-come. Castiel groaned as his eyes trailed down Dean’s body, watching as Dean stroked himself once and gave the perfect view of his balls hanging heavy, filled with his seed and ready to be pumped into his Omega.

Castiel got up on his hands and knees, seductively presenting for his Alpha. He glanced over his shoulder when he felt the bed dip and was met with Dean’s hungry eyes. The Alpha positioned himself behind his mate, his hands finding their way to Castiel's hips as he lined up his cock and pushed into Castiel slowly.

Castiel gasped and moaned as his body adjusted to Dean’s intrusion. He flexed his muscles around his Alpha’s cock and then Dean started to move. Castiel made noises that would make a porn star blush. His hands clenched and unclenched in the sheets as his Alpha set a savage pace, fucking into him, and with each of the Dean’s thrusts, Castiel started to become more and more vocal.

“God, Alpha! You make me feel so good! I'm so wet! For you, all for you!” Slick was dripping from him, he could feel it sliding down the backs of his thighs, knew it was forming a puddle on the bed beneath them. “Fuck me harder! Alpha, harder! Want your huge knot! Knot me, Alpha!” Castiel shoved his hips back, meeting each of Dean’s thrusts, loving that Dean’s grip was tightening against his hips as Castiel moved with him.

Dean growled from behind and Castiel knew his sinful tongue was turning the Alpha on. He could feel Dean’s knot starting to fill, could feel it slamming against his ass, just starting to tug at his hole. “I feel it,” Castiel moaned, slamming his hips back. Dean’s fingernails dug into his skin and Castiel gasped. “I feel your knot swelling, I love when it pulls on my rim.”

“You want my knot, Cas?” Dean ground his hips, rubbing his knot against Castiel's hole as the tip of his cock pressed against Castiel's prostate.

The Omega arched his back and groaned dirtily. “Knot me, Alpha, knot me now!”

Dean gripped Castiel's hips harder and fucked into him hard, his movements hurried and losing their rhythm. He groaned as his knot popped past Castiel’s rim, swelling to its full size and locking them together. Castiel groaned as Dean rolled his hips, trying to push himself deeper, the rest of his body collapsing on Castiel’s back.

“Oh, God, yes!” Castiel keened as he felt his mate’s cock pulsing inside of him, his hot release erupting inside and filling him. Dean cried out, his left hand squeezing Castiel painfully while his right moved forward to wrap around his Omega’s cock. Within a few strokes, Castiel let out a low and dirty moan, his entire body freezing and tightening as he spilled his release over Dean’s hand and the sheets.

Dean shifted back and Castiel groaned as he heard Dean licking his release from each of his fingers, a low, satisfied growl vibrating through Dean’s entire body. Castiel looked over his shoulder and caught Dean’s eyes, the Alpha drawing the last finger from his mouth before he surged forward and captured Castiel's lips with his own. The Omega moaned as he tasted himself on Dean’s tongue.

After a moment, Dean guided them to the clean side of the bed, getting them comfortable as he shifted around for the blanket to cover them up. The Alpha groaned against the back of Castiel’s neck as Castiel moved and clenched around his knot, milking another orgasm from him.

Castiel huffed, “Sorry, Dean, I was trying to get comfortable.”

“Felt great, you can do it again if you like,” Dean teased back, pressing his nose beneath Castiel’s ear and breathing in deep.

Castiel went pliant in his mate's arms, his entire body relaxing as Dean wrapped around him and started carding his fingers through Castiel’s sweaty hair. Silence fell between them as they caught their breaths and their heart rates slowed back to normal.

Finally, Dean spoke, his hand still moving through Castiel’s hair, fingernails scratching gently at his scalp. “What are you thinking about, Cas?”

“Honestly?” Castiel answered.

Dean kissed Castiel on the shoulder, giving him a soft chuckle. “Yes, honestly, that's something I expect from our relationship, for us to always be honest and never keep secrets.”

Castiel sighed, nodding and trying to relax back into Dean’s arms again. “I… I was thinking about how I like it here. I like the privacy, I like the normalcy. And I know we have to leave. We have families to run and traitors to take care of, but,” he let out a small hum, “a part of me doesn't want to. Here?” He craned his neck to see Dean, “It’s just you and me. We can be together, we can be ourselves. But there… when we leave, this will all be over. I will go back to pretending I'm an Alpha and we can't be open that we are mates.”

Dean ran his hand down Castiel's side, tugging him closer. “Cas, it won't be like that forever. Remember? We are going to change things.”

Castiel snorted softly. “It's a nice sentiment, Dean, and I know it’s what I said. But do you honestly think we can change the way things have always been? Do you think,” he let out a soft pained sigh, “that the Bratva is really going to accept that I'm an Omega? That I’ve deceived them since I was thirteen? Do you think our families are just going to accept our mating, the Italians and Russians?” Castiel took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I wanted you so badly Dean, I still do. But I was selfish... I have tied you to me, to a mate that can never really be your mate. At least not the way you deserve. You tried to tell me… you fought to wait and I just didn’t listen. I pushed and now--”

“Don't!” Dean interrupted, “Don't you dare think like that! Don't you give up on me before we have even tried. Dammit, Castiel!”

Castiel could taste the frustration rolling off of his mate and it made his entire body tense.

Dean squeezed him tighter. “We are going to be together and we are going to be together openly. We will change things because we are in charge. You are Castiel Krushnic, badass Omega Pakhan of the Krushnic Bratva and your family will listen to you, just like mine will listen to me. You know why?” Castiel shook his head and Dean kissed the back of his head before he continued. “Because if they don't? We will make them. You are my true mate and I will do anything to be with you. You got that?”

“Yes, I got it,” Castiel whispered.

Dean shifted and kissed his mate's cheek. “Good. Then it's settled. We fight for each other. No matter how hard it gets, we never quit.”

“I'm glad it was you, Dean,” Castiel whispered. “I'm glad you are my true mate.”

“Me too, Cas. I'm glad it's you, too.” They fell silent again, Castiel tracing small circles on Dean’s arm that was around his stomach. He felt Dean press his lips to the back of his head, felt his breath hot against the nape of his neck.

“Cas... I know it's not going to be easy. But nothing really worth it ever is.” Slowly, Dean pulled his arm free and positioned his wrist so they could both look at his watch. They sighed in tandem. “It's a little after seven, by the time my knot goes down we should have just enough time to clean up before Crowley gets here.”

Castiel nodded and reached for Dean’s arm again, hating the way he sounded when he asked, “Just… hold me until then, okay?” Dean nodded and held him tighter, as Castiel drifted off to sleep.


“Cas,” Dean whispered against Castiel’s ear, pressing his lips against his mate’s neck before he gently pulled back. His knot had deflated enough to separate them, and Castiel grumbled, unhappy, as Dean slipped free and shifted away from him. “Come on, we have to get ready for Crowley.”

“Do we have to?” Castiel mumbled, pressing his face deeper into the pillow so that his words were muffled.

“Unless you want Crowley to come in here while you’re spread out across the bed looking freshly fucked… then yeah, we have to,” Dean chuckled back and patted his mate’s ass a few times. Castiel threw him a glare over his shoulder but pushed up and slid off the bed, beating Dean to the bathroom and letting the door shut with a snap before Dean reached it.

“I’ll meet you downstairs, Princess!” Dean called through the door, earning himself a ‘Fuck you!’ over the sound of the shower turning on. Dean grabbed himself a fresh set of clothes and moved downstairs to the half bath to clean up and change quickly. He tidied up around the small space, wondering when the hell he became so goddamned domestic, and put on a pot of coffee.

By the time he put three mugs, sugar and cream onto the table, someone was knocking on the door.

“Cas!” he called up the stairs as he made his way to the front door, stopping at the side table by the door to pick up his gun. He pulled back the curtain just enough to see a short, stocky man in what had to be a black cashmere coat and gleaming leather gloves. Dean watched as the man scratched his beard thoughtfully, a smirk spreading over his lips.

“You can drop the gun, darling. I’m only here to help.” The man’s voice had a recognizable British lilt. Dean reached for the door, narrowing his eyes immediately when he realized the man before him was an Alpha.

“Oh, calm down Kitty Kat,” Crowley almost purred as he gave Dean the once over, smirking as he dropped a black leather bag to the floor and started pulling off his gloves and overcoat revealing a black, tailored suit complete with a black button up shirt and a blood red tie. “I can practically feel the tension rolling off you. You’re giving me knots.” He reached up, rubbing at the back of his neck for emphasis and his smirk widened. “Though I suppose Castiel is the only one to whom you are really giving knots.”

“Listen here,” Dean growled out but was cut off as Castiel came down the stairs and interrupted their impromptu standoff.

“Crowley, cut the crap. Dean, tone it down.” His voice was sharp, leaving no room for negotiation. After throwing a quick look to his mate, Castiel knew just how unimpressed he already was with his ‘Doctor’. Dean took a step back and thrust his arm out to the side, welcoming Crowley into the house.

“Charming, isn’t he?” Crowley asked in greeting as he shook Castiel’s hand and the three of them made their way into the kitchen where Dean had set up their coffee. He nodded as Castiel lifted up the pot and the room was silent except for the sound of the liquid hitting the bottom of their cups.

Dean watched Crowley carefully, wondering how he was going to take his coffee. You could tell a lot about a man by the way he drank his coffee. Crowley stirred the pot of cream, sniffing it once before passing it over to Castiel and picking up his mug to drink his coffee black.

“Like his soul,” Dean muttered, dropping half a teaspoon of sugar into his coffee and then accepting the cream and glare from Castiel when he realized he’d spoken out loud.

“Again, you snagged quite the charmer, Castiel.” He lifted his mug in salute. “And he’s your true mate! Lucky you, those are quite rare to find. To be honest, you are the first pair I’ve had the pleasure of working with in all my years in medicine.” Crowley smiled over his coffee, winking at Dean before turning completely in his seat to face the Omega. “You reek of sex. That’s something new.” He grinned with a glimmer in his eye, “And I have to say, I didn’t picture you as a blossom of any sort. Seems almost… delicate for your quite gruesome nature, don’t you think?”

“You didn’t know what his scent was before you started working with him?” Dean huffed, shaking his head.

“No,” Crowley replied, eyes still locked on Castiel’s face. “Castiel’s father had me do a blood test to determine his lineage and it came back before he officially presented. We started him on suppressants right away, and therefore,” his gaze flicked over to Castiel, “our dear Omega has never experienced a heat. Until now of course.”

“Those tests are illegal!” Dean knew that Castiel had been on suppressants for a while, had known he hadn’t had a heat before, but he never took the time to think about what it actually meant. A simple blood test would not be enough to determine a gender, it had to be taken from bone marrow, could only be determined from stem cells. Dean knew from the few classes he paid attention to at school that the practice had been outlawed in the late 19th century when families were selling their Omega children off and that meant the procedure was usually done incorrectly and was incredibly painful.

Crowley turned then, pinning Dean with a cool stare. “You are a crime lord, are you not?”

Dean felt his face flush hot and he tore his eyes away to look at Castiel who, much to Dean’s dismay, looked slightly amused.

“It was a long time ago, and not the point,” he said softly, giving Dean a smile. “So, yes.” He pinned his gaze on Crowley, “I experienced my first heat.” Castiel stated changing the subject. “Gabriel seems to think that I need to have an examination.”

“And he was right, but first let me take a look at your marks.” Crowley's lips curled into a lecherous smirk. “Let's hope for the sake of your Alpha’s dignity you didn't place it anywhere naughty.” Dean huffed and pulled down his shirt collar revealing his mark. Crowley stood and walked over examining it before he turned to Castiel. “Now you.” Crowley then examined the Omega’s before he took his seat again. “Very nice, clean, and neat. Those will heal nicely.”

Castiel shifted in his seat, already uncomfortable. “What now?”

Crowley cleared his throat. “Well, after an Omega’s first heat they are always checked out, make sure everything is looking okay.” He took a deep sip of his coffee. “Most young teenagers haven’t even thought about a knot, never mind used a fake one. There are usually many… complications. Of course,” he looked fondly at the Pakhan, “that isn’t my concern with you, Castiel. You’ve experienced pseudo heats for over twenty years now, but never a shedding which should happen every two or three heats, and,” he pursed his lips, “you’ve just spontaneously come off your suppressants which makes you incredibly fertile.”

Dean saw Castiel’s entire body stiffen and his own eyes widened as he stared at the back of Crowley’s head. Pups? How the fuck had he not even considered the fact that Castiel was in heat and he was in a rut and that usually meant conception? They couldn’t even be completely open about their mating, how the hell would they hide the fact that Castiel was an Omega if he was swollen with their pups?

Dean felt his heart beat increasing and he wanted, more than anything, to turn and look at Castiel. But he felt stuck, his eyes glued to the back of Crowley’s stupid head, guilty at the flare of hope that ran through him, despite how completely not ready they were for pups.

“No!” Castiel let out a string of what had to be Russian curses. Dean couldn’t understand a single word, but his mate’s anger made him cringe. “I ran out to see to Gabriel! I didn’t even think about bringing my suppressants! Blyad'! I didn’t bring fucking protection!” Castiel let out another incomprehensible string of words. “God in Heaven! I didn’t anticipate this, Crowley! I didn’t want or expect to go into heat or get mated!” Castiel’s rage brought Dean out of his thoughts and he flinched again as he looked over at his mate.

“Wow!” Crowley echoed Dean’s own thoughts and Castiel’s expression immediately crumbled.

“I didn’t mean it like that, Dean.” He looked apologetically at his mate. “I am glad we’re mated. I’m glad that I found you. I wouldn’t trade being with my true mate for anything. I just…” he let out a soft sigh, “this isn’t what I anticipated, what either one of us anticipated, and as happy as I am? It will… still takes some getting used to.”

Dean nodded but picked up his coffee to save him from answering. Crowley, for his part, seemed to thrive on the tension and he smiled, taking a huge gulp of his coffee before placing it down and clapping his hands together.

“Well!” Crowley smoothed down his tie, “I say we get this show in the road! I’ll need to do a quick exam, making sure your parts are all working and feeling the way they should, and then,” he shot both men a grin, “we will talk about suppressants. What do you say?”

Castiel was quiet for a moment and Dean looked up again, trying to figure out what his mate was thinking.

“What… are the chances?”

“Of…? You’re going to have to be more specific, Castiel.” Crowley shook his head, reaching forward and twisting his coffee mug in his hands. “Pregnancy? Tumors? Irreparable damage thanks to the years of heavy duty suppressants and birth control? Please, my dear Pakhan, take your pick.”

“Of pregnancy. What are the chances of pregnancy,” Castiel answered and Dean felt his heart beat speed up again. They were both looking at Crowley and the older man sighed, biting on his lower lip as if contemplating the correct answer. For the first time since being with Castiel, from hitting on a stranger at the bar to business partners or mates, Dean felt like they weren’t on the same page. Like they were both holding their breath for a different answer. It made him feel anxious, and he forced himself to keep his features schooled.

He wanted to laugh. In a way, it felt like he was in a torture room, trying not to give away too much information too soon, or any information at all. The only problem was he didn’t know which role he played right then -- the torturer or the poor son of a bitch strapped down to a chair.

“In normal cases…” Crowley said slowly and Dean held his breath. “Highly likely. But you are not a normal case, Castiel. You are anything but. I have never had a patient on long term suppressants without complications long before now, so,” he rolled his mug between his hands, “I cannot give an honest answer to your question. I do, however, think a bouncing bundle of joy might do wonders for that family of yours. They seem a bit… divided as of late. Kids always bring people together, don’t you think?” Crowley looked over his shoulder at Dean who glared back at him in response.

“In any case, I won’t know much of anything until I take a look-see. So…?”

“I’ll be right back, Dean.” Castiel pushed out of his chair and Crowley followed suit, leaving Dean sitting in his chair surrounded by their half empty mugs of coffee.

“Are you sure you don’t want--”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Castiel answered him quickly, cutting him off. “I’ll be fine on my own. We’ll be right back.”

Dean turned in his seat to watch as Castiel led Crowley to the downstairs bedroom, surprisingly grateful he didn’t chose to take him to the bedroom they’d been using. When the door shut, Dean slowly turned back around and finished his coffee before pouring himself another. He took his time preparing it, wondering how long it would actually take until they were back.

He felt strangely left out, like he was missing out on something, which was ridiculous because he knew that Castiel would tell him anything that Crowley found. Which, of course, would be nothing. There was nothing wrong with his mate. Castiel was healthy. Though Crowley’s words made Dean nervous about the pair of them starting on suppressants. It had been a long time since Castiel had been on them, and on the one hand, he knew his mate had never even entertained the idea of being mated or having pups of his own. But now that he was mated and even though they hadn’t talked about pups… The health risks alone made him wonder if going back on the suppressants was a good idea for his mate.

After three cups of coffee, Dean carried all the mugs to the sink to rinse them, knowing neither Crowley nor Castiel would be looking for a cold cup. He made himself busy preparing another pot and then sighed as he leaned against the counter, waiting for it to brew.

When the bedroom door finally opened, Dean tried to make himself not look as interested as he felt. He was about to ask if anyone wanted a hot cup of coffee when Castiel stormed into the kitchen, anger rolling off of him.

“What the hell?” Dean crossed the kitchen in three long strides and grabbed his mate’s arm. “What happened? Are you okay?”

“He’s tip top!” Crowley answered for him. “Doesn’t like when he doesn’t get his way, but otherwise completely healthy.”

Dean looked between them and then settled his gaze on Castiel. “Cas… what’s wrong?”

“He won’t give me any suppressants,” Castiel hissed, glaring at Crowley before tearing his arm away from Dean and sitting down at the table again. “Not until I can pass a pregnancy test.”

Dean nodded slowly, biting back his initial response. “Um…” Right. Good answer, Winchester.

“You can survive two weeks without it, Castiel. I’ve provided some protection to use until then. I have cologne for both of you--” Crowley reached down into his bag and pulled out two glass bottles. They had different colored tops, but otherwise looked the same. “This will negate your mating scent, and the true scent, leaving your natural Alpha room to run free.” He handed the first vial to Dean. “Castiel, I had this compounded. It has both a scent blocker as well as the Spruce cologne you’re used to getting.”

“Will that be enough for us to go home? I mean, without Cas on suppressants…” Dean accepted the second bottle when Castiel refused to move.

“Castiel’s heat should be on a regular schedule. He’s met and bonded with his true mate, so nothing should set him off early. I can come by the place you call a ‘club’ in two weeks to do the pregnancy test and then I can get you on suppressants.” Crowley’s words were aimed at Castiel, but he was speaking straight to Dean.

“Yeah, sounds good.” Dean nodded his head and glanced over at Castiel. “Um… if we need anything else we’ll call you?”

Crowley gave a short laugh and picked up his bag once more, carrying it with him over to the front door to put on his gloves and coat. “It’s been a pleasure, really,” he said in parting and Dean nodded him off, watching as the Alpha got into his car and backed out of the driveway.

When the tail lights were gone, Dean locked the front door and moved back into the kitchen where Castiel was still sitting, arms crossed tightly over his chest. Dean watched him for a moment, trying to bite back a laugh at the fact the Pakhan was sitting in Bobby’s hunting cabin pouting for not getting his way.

“Well… that went well.”

Dean was immediately pinned with an icy stare and if it had been anyone else, he might have felt intimidated. He raised an eyebrow staring right back at his mate who said, “Shut up. Get upstairs now, Winchester.”

“Why?” Dean’s brow furrowed in confusion. Castiel unfolded himself and crossed the space between them, fingers catching the front of Dean’s shirt as he yanked them together.

“Because I can still feel his fingers inside of me, that’s why.” Castiel’s voice rasped laden with checked fury and desire. “Because if you don’t get upstairs before I do, it will be my own fingers inside of me instead of your knot. Because I fucking asked you to--”

Dean twisted away from Castiel and all but ran for the stairs. He heard Castiel wait a beat and then race after him, the two of them falling into a tangle on top of the mattress the moment they reached the bedroom.

“You know,” Dean said against Castiel’s lips as he kissed him deeply. “I think I’m supposed to chase you.”

“Shut up and fuck me, Dean,” Castiel growled back against his mouth. Not one to argue, Dean followed his directions to a T.

Monument Farms
2107 James Road
Weybridge, Vermont

Dean looked down into the shopping bag he carried and smiled to himself. He may have gone a little over board-- he and Castiel had agreed on spending only one more night in Vermont before they headed back to New York to deal with Lucifer, but Monument Farms’ dairy was just that good.

He remembered walking down the street with Sammy when they’d been lucky enough to get to go with Bobby and Rufus to the cabin. It was usually in the summers when the Alphas couldn’t do any hunting, only fishing and they didn’t have school. And when they started training the boys to shoot, they would each get a pint of cream. For Dean, it had been so rich and sweet, he would drink it straight from the carton, earning himself a disgusted look from Sammy which really, was what made it worth it.

Today, he bought a carton of cream and milk, some fresh eggs and peaches from Marjory James’ farm stand and was stupidly excited to make breakfast for his mate when he got back to the cabin.

It was nearly a straight shot up Quaker Village Road and Dean had thought about jogging it that morning. If Sammy were here, he definitely would have. They used to race the two miles down to the farm up until Dean was gifted the Impala. After Mary died, they had too much responsibility to their father to even think about spending summers at the cabin.

Dean slid into the front seat of his baby and plopped the bag of dairy down beside him on the passenger seat. He started up the engine, patting down the steering wheel as he listened to her purr before he pulled out of the parking lot and back onto the road. As he pulled into the driveway, he felt his heart drop as he saw a car he didn’t recognize parked in his spot.

“God dammit!” he swore as he slammed the Impala into park and tore out of the car and up to the cabin door. It was unlocked and Dean was barely in the door before he was yelling for Cas.

“He’s in the shower.”

Dean stopped short and spun towards the living room, confused to see Sam sitting on the couch, sporting a bitch-face if he ever saw one.

“Sammy? What are you doing here?” Sam glared back at him and Dean took a few steps forward only to be slammed backwards as Sam stood and shoved him hard.

“What the fuck Dean! Don’t you know how to answer a goddamn fucking phone? You don’t… you don’t even… Fuck!” Sam swore, lashing out at Dean again, his hands shaking. Dean snapped his arms forward, catching Sam’s fists and pulling his brother in to his chest.

“Will you calm the hell down and tell me what your problem is?” Dean asked, holding tighter as Sam struggled against him.

“You would fucking know,” Sam yelled, “if you answered your fucking phone!” He ripped himself away from Dean, his chest heaving and his eyes shining as he stared at his brother from a few feet away. Dean stared back at him, cringing at the anger and sadness he felt from his brother. Then, like Sam had been shot, he crumpled.

“Sam!” Dean fell to his knees, catching his brother as Sam clung to his chest, his entire body now shaking. “Sam, what the fuck happened?”

“He’s dead, Dean. A few days after you left, Rufus and I realized that Bobby and Gordon hadn’t gotten back to Boston yet. So we asked around, checked Bobby’s house, looked in all of Gordon and Bobby’s hangouts… there wasn’t any sign of them, no one had seen them. So...” Sam swallowed hard, shaking his head. “Rufus contacted the Bratva to ask them and I… took a drive.”

Sam swallowed convulsively to either keep his sobs at bay or to keep from puking. He pulled back and there was a searing sadness in his eyes. “It was his stupid hat, Dean. That stupid trucker hat he wore, even though it looked awful with his suits, and even though he would bitch at us for having anything out of place or wearing anything that didn’t match. It was on the side of the highway.” He looked down at his hands. “To anyone else,” his voice was nearly a whisper, “it would look like it flew out a window or something like that. But I knew, Dean,” he locked his gaze on his brother, “I just knew it in my gut.”

Dean stared at Sam and could feel his head shaking slowly. There was no way… there was just no way that Bobby… “Sam, I don’t understand what you’re saying,” Dean said softly, keeping his eyes on Sam’s.

“He was there, Dean. Just down the embankment. He was left there, like he didn’t matter, like he was nothing but trash. That son of a bitch just--”

“Sam, we don’t know it was Gordon…”

“Fuck you, Dean! Of course we know it was Gordon! Bobby was shot executioner style, left there to rot like he was a traitor!” Sam’s body trembled with rage. “Other crime families might want to kill us, but they would have the decency to send us the body! Send us a message of some kind! This was Gordon, Dean, and if you can’t fucking see that then you’re… You’re…” Sam trailed off, clamping his mouth shut as he clenched his hands into fists. “It was Gordon. I feel it.”

Dean stared at Sam and nodded once. He felt Castiel’s presence as his mate slowly entered the room, but neither of the brothers moved from their spot on the floor. Dean focused on Sam, focused on rubbing soothing circles across his brother’s back, comforting him like he used to when they were children. Focusing on Sam gave him something to do, gave him a reprieve from thinking about his own feelings.

“We need to kill him, Dean. We need to make him burn for what he did to Bobby.” Sam’s voice was like steel and Dean closed his eyes for a moment, trying to curb the initial ‘Fuck yes’ he had in response.

“Sam… Bobby would tell us to be careful of revenge. Look what it did to Dad…”

“Bobby’s dead, Dean.” Sam straightened up, swiping his tears away. “Bobby will never get to tell us anything again! And I am not going to let that fucking asshole get away with it! He broke Omerta and he murdered Bobby!” Sam hissed back, finally ripping himself away from Dean. “If you’re too much of a coward to do something about it, then I will!”

“Watch it!” Dean glared at Sam who stared him back, challenging, until finally his face fell and he tore his eyes away. “I get that you’re upset Sammy, me probably more than anyone. But it would not be wise to forget who you are talking to.”

Sam swallowed hard and nodded, his eyes still trained on the floor between them. After a moment he spoke. “This can’t go unanswered, Dean.” He looked his brother in the eye. “He attacked his family. Gordon is bad news, and he needs to be dealt with.”

Dean looked up as Castiel crossed silently through the living room, sinking down onto the couch Sam had been sitting on and meeting Dean’s eyes. “Yeah, Sammy, I know. I think we all need to do a bit of cleaning house.”

Castiel nodded his agreement.

“So… let’s get started.”

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